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Fall Forward: How to Transition your STYLE for Fall!


Fall Forward: How to Transition your STYLE for Fall!

You may be saying to yourself “Where did summer go?” Yes, the weather has begun to change but that doesn’t mean you and your STYLE have to hibernate! Let your unique style continue to make a great statement with these great Fall transition tips!



1. Orange

Just as much as black can make a statement orange can also make a huge impact on any look. Of course, the color itself has that fall feel but the it’s also exciting and a great way to add a pop of color to your look.




2. The Suede Shoe

Nothing says Fall like a suede shoe. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about a loafer, an Oxford or even a lace-up desert boot, suede shoes are great to help take your outfit  from Summer to Fall.

3. The Rain Coat

This time of year the weather really can be all over the place so why not keep a rain coat handy. Whether you wear it for additional warmth or for the intended purpose of keeping you dry it is a great addition to any wardrobe.

4. All Black Everything

We love how color looks on everyone but it really takes someone with an attention for details to pull off wearing all black. Two great benefits of wearing all black: first it helps retain more warmth, and second it is a great way look slimmer (hey, guys wants to look fit too!).

5. The Fedora

An easy way to cover up during the cool weather AND make a statement is to grab a fedora. Not only will you be styling, but you will also feel a little more awesome when you are rocking your fedora. Fedoras are a great ways to add fun and interest to most looks.

By mixing and matching these tips I hope you are inspired to not only embrace Fall fashion but to use it as an opportunity to try something new and take your STYLE to the next level this season.

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Style consultant and fashion journalist, Lawrence B. Spivey is bridging the worlds of high-fashion and southern gentleman charm and style. Lawrence began his career in fashion with the launch of his style consulting business and blog “Sir Byron Laurent Style and Fashion Consulting”. In addition to consulting work, he is also permanent fashion contributor for EmergeNC Magazine, Zoe Life Magazine and penned a column for the May/June issue of The Session Magazine. Also Lawrence has been interviewed by fashion and style magazines such as GLO Magazine, Style 101 Magazine and Carolina Style Magazine.

Lawrence has a genuine passion for encouraging men through fashion advice and words of wisdom for living both a stylish and successful life. You can follow Lawrence on Twitter and Instagram at @SirByronLaurent, on FaceBook at and the blog at

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