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The Ladies of Team Collective


The Ladies of Team Collective

The Triangle is quickly becoming a hot scene for music artists of all genres and backgrounds. Local venues house performances from bluegrass groups, hip hop artist, to heavy metal. This diversity is part of what keeps music in the Triangle thriving!

Team Collective has taken home the Carolina Music Award for “Hip Hop Group of The Year” two years in a row, no small feat! The ladies of the Team Collective, Shelly, London, Andrea, and Daisy, all have different backgrounds and play varying roles. Undoubtedly, each woman also has her own unique sense of STYLE! Recently Carolina STYLE sat down to talk with the ladies about their point of view on women in the music industry, what’s next for Team Collective and of course, fashion and STYLE!

L to R: Daisy, Andrea, Shelly, and London

L to R: Daisy, Andrea, Shelly, and London.

Carolina STYLE Magazine: What do you enjoy most about being a part of Team Collective?

London:  I love the fact that everyone is unique and has their own special talent and how we all genuinely support one another inside and outside of the group. I also love the fact that we are a family!

Daisy: The family piece aspect.  It’s not just a group of people that collaborate on a project and put it out there. We have a chat where we communicate all day, every day, we laugh, we vent, and we send silly pictures. It really is like family.

CSM: How do you overcome the stereotype of female tensions within the industry and with each other?

Andrea: One great thing about Team Collective is that we are all individual artists that make up the group.  With that said, we all pursue our own projects outside of Team Collective, but we come together and support each other – both for TC initiatives and our outside projects.  I think the ongoing support for each other is a huge help to overcome the stereotypes.

CSM: Describe each of your individual styles.

Shelly: I like retro yet casual looks, I go for what will photo pop and stand out.

Daisy: When we have events, I love anything high fashion versus. just a dress. My day to day stuff depends on my shoes. Once you pick the shoes for the day, you got your outfit! I tend to wear high heels a lot. Very high heels!

London:  I’m always the one wearing a dress and heels (I love shoes!).  I would describe my style as classy, sexy and fierce.

Andrea: In general, I like to keep my style classic. I don’t typically follow a lot of trends (1 – Not every trend works for everyone, and 2 – I hate to buy clothing that won’t last more than a season). For my every day style, I go for comfort over all else!  Low key clothes and minimal make up.

Shelly_London_Team Collective

CSM: Favorite local designers or shops?

London: I’ve always liked shopping at boutiques and online to find unique items that cater to my style. Lately, I’ve been partial to a local designer after seeing her line at the Allure Fashion Show in Raleigh NC. It’s a lovely designer by the name of Shayla Cobb. She is Owner and Designer of Thorough Breed Apparel and Carolina Couture. I wore one of her pieces in this photo shoot.

Andrea: There are a lot of great designers in the area – I recently discovered a great boutique, Apricot Lane in Durham.  I love their selection!  There’s also a fun boutique in Raleigh, Outer Skin 2.  The style is very edgy and sexy.  I also like picking up accessories from local artists – Anna Kay Creations has some wonderful Jewelry designs.

Daisy: I don’t know if I have a favorite but locally, our friend Stephanie from Zass Designs makes some killer pieces out of recycled items. Her jewelry line has everything; modern, chic, elegant, simple.

CSM: What’s next for the ladies of Team Collective?

Andrea: Honestly, I think there is no limit to what we can do.  We all have multiple projects in the works (both together and separate) – from studio time, to filming, to fashion shows, and photo shoots, we are all in the daily grind!

CSM: What is your opinion of women’s roles in the music industry?

Shelly: Women have to work harder and be stronger since this is a predominately male industry. We have to stay focused and business oriented 24/7.

CSM: Where can readers get more information on Team Collective and upcoming events?

Shelly: For all of our upcoming shows and to stay up to date follow us on social media.


All Photography by Stan Chambers Jr Photography.

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