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Stylist Tips : Linda Martinez Shares Four Fall Trends to Try NOW


Stylist Tips : Linda Martinez Shares Four Fall Trends to Try NOW

You’ve been so busy spending your final summer weekends on the lake or traveling out of town that you allowed cooler temperatures to make their way into the season and you have yet to complete your fall wardrobe shopping.   In a panic, you pick up the phone to dial your wardrobe stylist so that you may ask her for advice. Only…you just remembered, you don’t yet have a stylist. Darn your procrastination.

Erin L Hubbs; Style Media; fashion;We’ll don’t fret, we happen to know a very good one.

When the StyledNow founder is not styling for fashion magazines, films, or shopping for clients, you can find Linda Martinez on air sharing her fashion tips for WCNC – TV’s Charlotte Today.

We popped into her home-base at Sloan Boutique in Dilworth (which is apparently THE place to shop and socialize at 11 a.m.) to see the sought after stylist and ask her to share quick insight on what’s trending this fall.

What are some of the colors trending right now for fall?
Black, white and camouflage. I also love orchid and raspberry colors too.

How about fabrics?
Leather and suede.

What shoes are popular for the season?
Tall Boots (to the knee and over the knee),  though we are still on the ankle bootie trend.

What’s one thing you would recommend to add to our fall collections.
Fabulous jewelry!

Madame Martinez has spoken. Grab your purse and make your way to your favorite shop.

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