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5 Must Have Shoes for Fall: Tips from Shoe Expert Meghan Cleary


5 Must Have Shoes for Fall: Tips from Shoe Expert Meghan Cleary


Meghan Cleary

It’s an amazing time for shoe lovers right now. You can buy almost any shoe this fall and still be on trend. Still the idea of finding the right shoe can be daunting with all of the options available.

We spoke with internationally recognized footwear authority and author of “Shoe Are You?® How to Be Unstoppable in Your StilettosMeghan Cleary to provide insight on the latest shoe trends.

Meghan has appeared in more than 4,500 media outlets throughout the world and is known for her signature trademark phrase, “what your shoes say about you”. She has analyzed presidents, world leaders and fashion icons alike with her uncanny insight.

Meghan shared her thoughts on some of the top shoe trends this season.



Christian Louboutin Sempre Monica Over-the-Knee Red Sole Boot, Neiman Marcus

Boots are just exploding this fall, even if you don’t live in cold climate weather. Anything from ankle booties, cowboy boots, boots with a cuban heel, knee high boots, riding boots, any kind of boot you can possibly imagine.



This very high, very flat shoe was historically worn for practicality, not fashion. However, this season, flatforms, not to be confused with wedges, are part of the must have list for fall.



The question is not whether you will wear the stiletto this fall, but will you wear a three, four or five inch.

BB Suede 115mm Pump, Cobalt (Made to Order)

BB Suede 115mm Pump, Cobalt (Made to Order), Bergdorf Goodman



Sneakers are having major moment right now. One of the popular sneaker collaborations is Converse and Missoni, who have collaborated on eight premium sneaker collections. The latest Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Missoni sneakers feature Missoni’s iconic, colorful zigzag design, printed on traditional canvas. They are available in classic high-top and low-top style.



Metallic Birkenstocks, J. Crew

No, that’s not a typo – you read that correctly. Even Birkenstocks are having a moment right now. You can now find the “Birks” in metallic and coral colors. Wear these quickly if your area sees all four seasons. These probably won’t be your best bet in the snow.

Before buying shoes, Meghan recommends an audit of your shoe wardrobe as it stands. Ask yourself questions like: what do I have in my wardrobe currently? what do I feel good in? what do I wear the most? Then analyze your lifestyle (i.e. career woman, soccer mom, lady who lunches) then put together a budget. Remember, you wear 20 percent of your shoes 80 percent of the time so most of your budget should go toward the purchase of those types of shoes. The rest of your budget should be reserved for those fun, crazy shoes that you buy on an impulse when out shopping with your girlfriends.

For more tips and advice from Meghan or to read her FREE book, visit her website and follow her on Twitter @shoeareyou

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