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Interview with Amanda Williamson of ENNYLUAP

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Interview with Amanda Williamson of ENNYLUAP

When it comes to recognizing design and STYLE in women’s fashion, Amanda Williamson, Owner of Ennyluap has really been drawing attention in an industry full of people looking to be the next big designer. Locally and internationally, Amanda has made a name for her brand with its timeless and bold designs. The way things are going, it looks as though she will not be stopping any time soon! I had a chance to catch up with her and asked her a few questions about her beginnings, where she is headed, and more.

Carolina STYLE Magazine: What were your steps to becoming a designer?

Amanda Williamson: I started off making majorette uniforms for North Carolina Central University. While working at Banana Republic I met Kendra Leonard who was working at Banana Republic as well. Kendra later left Banana Republic and opened her own boutique, Art of Style, and after graduating in 2011, I had the opportunity to showcase my designs in her store.

CSM: What was the moment when you recognized that your brand was taking off?

AW: Youtube Hair Guru Dionna Owens purchased one of my items from the Art of Style and asked if I would assist with alterations (which we later found out wasn’t needed). Later she posted items on social media that she purchased from Art of Style and people recognized the items from her post. At that point I opened an online store to sell items I (had) designed. Another moment was in 2013 when New York Fashion Week had a committee meeting and my name came up and Vogue recognized my design work in women’s fashion. Possibly from that Vogue recognition came the partnership with Preciosa®. Later came the 1 1/2 page feature in AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution).

CSM: How did you come up with the name?

AW: The name is a combination of my father’s middle name, Paul, and my mom’s name Lynne, giving you “Ennyluap”.

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CSM: What is next for Ennyluap?

AW: Placement in a major department store. Also, focus on overseas customers because of the recognition from British Vogue.

CSM: Who is your favorite designer or label?

AW: Ralph Lauren is one of my favorites as well I would love to meet with the team at Alice and Olivia. Also Betsey Johnson is another one of my favorites and would love to meet with the design team for Express.

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