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What We’re Loving : Rendi + Otter Box

What We're Loving

What We’re Loving : Rendi + Otter Box

Admit it, you can live without your mobile phone, but it would be very hard. I carry an iPhone 5s and I’m heavily dependent on it. Not only do I use it for all of my social media accounts (as well as posting and sharing via the magazine accounts) but I also use it as my personal camera to snap photos of the twins, as a voice recorder for interviews, and occasionally as a flashlight among many, many other things.

Recently I dropped my phone twice in six day. Not a simple fumble where I chipped the sides of my phone or even worse, slightly cracked my screen, but I completely demolished my phone to the point of no return. Those of us who don’t live in the stone ages with push button phones understand once your screen is fried, there is pretty much nothing you can do with your phone.

An Otter Box case came highly recommend from both of the cell phone repair shops who saved the day and brought my phone back to life. Admittedly, I’m picky about how I accessorize my phone and won’t cover it in anything that’s not super cute, so I wasn’t too thrilled with available selection.

That’s why, this week, I’m loving that Rendi has partnered with Otter Box to create a phone case that’s both practical and stylish for the iPhone 5/5s.

Not only are the cases stylish, but you can personalize them with your initials or short messages (I ordered the blue case with white polka dots and added my social media handle @ItsBrieW).

Visit them online to check out the case and personalize one for yourself. Then get rid of your other cover ASAP. Your phone has an image to uphold.


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