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STYLE Exclusive : The Siena


STYLE Exclusive : The Siena

This week’s featured editorial submission is titled The Siena, photographed on location at The Siena Hotel in Chapel Hill.

We chat with wardrobe stylist Dani Oliva about the shoot:

What is the story/concept behind this shoot?

We wanted to do something soft and romantic, but that at the same time something that had a bit of edge. I think that as artists we’re not just one feeling. And so we wanted to carry this is idea of a romantic edge through all the clothing, the model, the lighting, and in our location.


[Our photographer] Sidney, presented the concept to me and I immediately felt drawn because his ideas and my aesthetic worked very well together. My style is usually romantic and classic with a bit of edge from time to time. During the shoot I loved how the mood transitioned from light to dark, literally as we were losing daylight, we went from a day look into evening looks. 


Why did you pick this location?

Honestly, we just started calling around to see who might be willing to let us use their space! The Siena in Chapel Hill couldn’t have been more happy to host us. When we saw the location, it just had so many options to make the concept come to life. And we ended up not calling any more hotels. The Siena couldn’t have been more hospitable and kind while we were there.


How did you select your team? Why did you choose them?

We had a mood board for the shoot — and so it was about pulling together a team that was excited to work on this concept and bring it to life.


I worked with Sidney, the photographer from Washington DC, to help make the concept come together. Then we found Joanne, the makeup artist and hair stylist. And she had worked with Jensen from the Greensboro-based Marilyn’s Agency before and we thought she would be great for the concept.


What brings you to the Carolinas?

I’ve been a designer for the past 4 years. I have family and friends here and I believe North Carolina is a great place to start a business. North Carolina is expanding and blooming and I look forward to seeing it to its potential , especially in fashion. Some say that you have to be in New York and Los Angeles, but I think this editorial shows that you can make and find style anywhere. My work has been very receptive here and I only hope to continue designing styles my clients love and feel beautiful in.  


What do you love most about the final photos?

I love that it was a total team effort — from the makeup artist, to the photographer, and our fantastic model. And that when you start a shoot you don’t always know how it’s exactly going work out. You have to have some spontaneity. And then see what works and what doesn’t. You have to rely on the creative process



photography: Sidney Traynham
makeup/hair: Joanne Maye
wardrobe stylist: Dani Oliva
model: Jensen @ Marilyn’s Agency

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photography: Sidney Traynham
makeup/hairJoanne Maye
wardrobe stylistDani Oliva
model: Jensen @ Marilyn’s Agency

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