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Fashion Fare: How to Travel in STYLE and Comfort


Fashion Fare: How to Travel in STYLE and Comfort

You have your passport glued in hand and your luggage all packed – but does your travel outfit meet fashion regulations?

After choosing window or aisle seat, take some time to focus on finding the perfect travel-fit. We all know when it comes to traveling, comfort comes first. Sweats, hoodies, and your boyfriend’s basketball shorts might be your go-to for comfort clothes at home, but when traveling be a reigning supreme and travel in style.

First, think of all the random places you will plant your bottom, how many hours you will spend waiting in long lines, and just how tiresome trips can be. Then, of course, there is always the fear of cancellations, flight delays, and having to sleep at airport gates. You want to be fashionably (and comfortably) prepared!


Flights are either too cold or too hot, so carry a light jacket. Any cover is good cover; plus you can always remove the extra layer. Also, no matter the destination, leather jackets are always a must-take. They can be worn with anything.  Take skinny leather pants for instance.  They have become a closet staple piece, replacing the boring black dress pant.

Darker clothing makes more sense in travel environments because dirt and stains are not as visible. You can also opt for denim, like boyfriend jeans, ripped jeans, or ankle-cropped jeans. Even distressed denim shorts are a good look for comfortable and clean style.

A cool pair of flats or a small, chunky heeled sandal is perfect for comfort, but who says you can’t travel in your favorite pumps? Be daring! Pair a sexy high heel with a simple outfit. Or keep a sexy height and look for comfort and style with a wedged sandal or espadrille. Heeled booties are also great travel footwear. As always, remember to keep a simple pair of emergency flats in your travel bag.


Miranda Kerr can no wrong checking in for her flight. Kerr keeps it fashion forward and versatile. Whether she is in leather pants or skinny jeans, Kerr pairs her bottoms with floral or striped tops, making a statement. Even though she is taller than most of us, Kerr does not shy away from adding a 5-inch heel to complete her look.


Kim K mastering the monochrome


Kim Kardashian is another airport trendsetter. She knows how to throw together a simple, yet fashionable look. Recently, Kardashian  has been styled in monochrome, as well as neutrals, grays, blacks, and whites. With key jackets and statement shoes, she is always ready to travel in style.

You also want to look prepared, so have key accessories handy. Throw on a pair of statement shades to cover tired eyes and dark circles. Hair is ever so important and you always want paparazzi worthy hair, just in case. Quick style your hair with wavy curls or a top knot bun. You should also keep a cool hat with you in the event a long trip gives you messy plane or car hair. Oh, and don’t forget a really great scarf.  Not only does double as a hair protector and easy accessory piece,  but it can support your neck during sleep time in case you forget your travel pillow.

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Tea Hadzic is a freelance writer and fashion stylist. She has worked with several publications, writing columns, articles and serving as creative director for editorial spreads and social media. Tea also works as a beauty advisor and photo shoot stylist. In free time, she likes to travel, blog, drink margaritas and keep up with the latest fashions. Check out for more on Tea.

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