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Man of STYLE : NASCAR’s Dion “Rocko Slaw ” Williams


Man of STYLE : NASCAR’s Dion “Rocko Slaw ” Williams

Though most of us get to know the NASCAR drivers, the other heroes of the sport work behind the scenes.  Drivers depend on the athleticism, speed and endurance of their pit crew to get their cars back on the track after a pit stop.  In the Sprint Cup Series, Hendrick Motorsports’  driver Jeff Gordon (#24) relies on Dion Williams, affectionately know as “Dion Rocko”  or “Rocko Slaw” and the rest of the crew to get him back on the road.  Meet May’s Man of STYLE, Dion Williams.

Dion Williams Spread Final 1

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Being a part of the pit crew is no easy task by any means. Timing and athleticism is everything and makes a tremendous impact on winning races. Williams, a Wake Forest Graduate and former NFL linebacker, works out with his team four times a week for three hours a day including pit stop practice, yoga and various other conditional and training programs.

“Everyone in general has to be fit, but once you get to the highest level, the Sprint Cup Series, you have to meet a certain standard of fitness and endurance,” says Williams.  “Especially for Hendrick Motorsports. They hold us to a higher standard.

We were excited to meet Mr. “Rocko Slaw” at Dupp in Swat studios in NoDa to capture a few quick snapshots of summer staples for men, and items perfect for Father’s Day available at The BC Brand, Belk and SILVERFLY.

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In getting to know Dion Rocko we found out he:

  • was born in Germany and moved to Atlanta at age nine
  • is proud of his body and loves tattoos
  • would choose a career in sports broadcasting if he was not currently a part of the pit crew
  • loves Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Brittany Spears (or maybe that was his comical personality talking)
  • drives an Audi A7
  • prefers iPhone over Android
  • enjoys water polo and synchronized swimming (but doesn’t swim)
  • frequently uses the term “slaw” which he defines in the video below.

 For more on Rocko Slaw follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Watch the behind the scenes action from the photo shoot below.

Styled by Darrion Gross, Make up by Jami Svay, Grooming by David Lindsay, Photographed by Joshua Young

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