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Single in the Queen City: The Tale of One Gal Dating in Charlotte… Or Attempting It Anyway


Single in the Queen City: The Tale of One Gal Dating in Charlotte… Or Attempting It Anyway

Friday, May 16, 100 women and 100 men talk with a panel of relationship experts when The Great Love Debate hits Charlotte. The Great Love Debate poses the question: Why is everyone still single?

Charlotte seems to get a bad rap lately (ahem, Huffington Post) and most of us living here love our Queen City. But… we’d have to agree that dating here can be T-U-F-F.

I’ve got a few theories as to why. I’ll hit you with a taste here, but I REALLY want you to come to The Great Love Debate Friday and share your thoughts too.

Theory #1: Dating sites have taken over your dating life.

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Tinder, eHarmony, Match, OkCupid, and Plenty of Fish, not to mention Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram offer every kind of man or woman your heart desires. The minute you get a break at work, as you wait in line for coffee, walk to grab lunch, or ride home on the Lynx, you’re on your phone interacting with loads of potential folks.

If you’re looking for quantity, you’ve got it. If you’re looking for quality, maybe spend a little less time online and check out the hot chick in front of you in line. You’re less likely to get Catfished too. (You’re welcome.)

Theory #2: Your routine has become your rut.



You grocery shop Monday, run the booty loop Tuesday, meet your book club Wednesday, grab drinks at “your spot” Thursday, and catch up on TV Friday. Your weekend may offer a tad of variety, but not much. Plus, your hair is dirty from your morning workout.

I get it. I’m a girl that lives by her routine. Yet, I find when I change up one thing—run the booty loop Wednesday or grab dinner at a new location Friday, I always see someone new and discover a new gem of our city at the same time.

Consider leaving Ballantyne and spending the evening in Plaza Midwood. Take a break from the wine bar and check out the sports pub. Put each person in your group in charge of finding a new spot each week. And you HAVE to go. Take a chance… you never know.

Theory #3: You’ve given up on ever finding anyone to love …who loves you back.



Yes. You’ve had a bad breakup or 12. Yes. You’ve felt like “the one” got away long ago and will never return. And yes. You’ve had it up to HERE with first dates!!!

But… at some point, any of us who want to actually find true love have to get in the game. We have to do dates 1 and 2. We have to shave our legs or faces. We have to make small talk and say “thank you for a lovely evening” even if it wasn’t super lovely.

Why? Because eventually we get that tingly feeling again. We look in the eyes of someone who gets us, who wants to know who we are, and wants to be part of our day-to-day lives. We get to do life with someone else who wants to do life with us.

Okay, now why do you think so many of us are still single in a city full of great people? Come out to The Great Love Debate and let’s talk!

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Arden is a local blogger who writes about everything from fashion to makeup; both of which play critical roles in finding Mr. Right. Check out her work at

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