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Vert & Vogue in Durham Takes Spring By the Hand


Vert & Vogue in Durham Takes Spring By the Hand

Located in Durham’s Brightleaf Square, Vert & Vogue, a boutique carrying exclusively consciously produced lines with a timeless STYLE and edge, has become one of the best things our ever-growing state has to offer. Owned and operated by husband and wife team Ryan and Nadira Hurley, it’s that place you can’t go into without wanting everything on their racks.

The pair were originally drawn to Durham for the same reason most are; seeing a local appreciation for independent, locally grown goods, whether that’s food, restaurants, night life, or boutiques.

“We thought, if there’s a palate for high quality, locally grown food inspired by Southern and European cuisine, then there would be an interest in fashion with similar sensibilities. We loved the old tobacco-era architecture downtown, and saw huge potential for a revival of independent retail” Ryan said.

Their sense of potential was right on the money – Vert & Vogue has been named “Best Men’s & Women’s Boutique” in the Independent Weekly’s Indy Awards four years running. This past November marked their five year anniversary, and they have spent this time not only providing the Triangle with high-quality, lux lines and designers, but collaborating with local entities to continually give back to their community.

The Spring/Summer lookbook was shot on location at SEEDS‘ brand new outpost. SEEDS, which began as a community garden project, now also works to provide educational camps and workshops for kids and teens, in addition to building gardens and community outreach across Durham and The Triangle.

“It was such a great opportunity to illuminate the SEEDS garden in our lookbook. We think this created something fresh and uniquely Durham,” Ryan said, “this type of collaboration really motivates us.”


Some favorite staff picks for this Spring include No.6, a footwear & clothing designer team of two designers, featuring gorgeous printed silks used for structured, hand sewn pieces, and timeless wedge clogs. Suno, a Brooklyn-based line from the minds of Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty bases its prints on inspiration from Kenyan textiles. Newcomer to the boutique, Zespa, is a French men’s and women’s shoe line from Aix-en-Provence, each pair possessing enough craftsmanship and STYLE to make anyone swoon immediately.


Those with their eyes on markets keep ideas of trend pieces and right-now looks in mind when stocking their boutiques, but Ryan and Nadira have more of an inclination to look at what remains constant and true in fashion; the little details, prints, and standards of quality that make fashion truly timeless.

“The most thing striking we see at Vert & Vogue is a yearning among people to renew and reconnect with themselves through fashion that is authentic and independent” Nadira said.

Visit them Tuesday through Sunday from 11:00am – 7:00pm at Brightleaf Square in Durham | 919.251.8537 | Facebook | Pinterest |

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