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The 3 M’s of Spring: Marchesa, Margiela and Marc Jacobs

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The 3 M’s of Spring: Marchesa, Margiela and Marc Jacobs

Winter melting away could only mean the arrival of two glorious things: warm weather and spring fashion week. Yet, between NYC, Paris, London and Milan designers made clear their unwillingness to trade the dark hues of color characteristic of winter for the multitude of floral prints embodying spring.

Like collaborations between Beyoncé and Jay-Z, the marriage of print and black was successful, whether it’s outlines were slightly Fauvist, as Marc Jacobs were, or bordered on baroque as Marchesa’s did. The looks were decidedly femme, with Marchesa’s models decked out in black lace with floral overlay (right), or boyish grunge with Jacobs’ models sporting boxy haircuts and flats alongside gowns pairing reds, blues and greens with black (left). Looks are easy to replicate off of the runway whether you’re taking on land in ASOS’ “Africa lace swing dress”, at center ($123), or sea in Trina Turk’s “Venice Beach” one piece bathing suit ($134, not shown).



Marchesa ss2014


ASOS “Africa lace swing dress”, $123


Marc Jacobs ss2014

In addition to color, designers managed to emulate winter by keeping hemlines long. Classy and experimental, Marchesa’s cropped blouse and pencil skirt combinations reflect the budding of spring while keeping lines far from the knee. The pairing’s sophisticated but edgy aura is easily emulated with a skirt made in wardrobe-staple heaven, J. Crew Collection “leather pencil skirt”, to the left ($595), or even more playfully with ASOS’ “pencil skirt with split front”, pictured on the right ($66).


asos_split J. Crew collection leather pencil skirt, $595 (top) ASOS pencil skirt with slit front, $66 (bottom)

Regardless of where hemlines landed, designers’ final destination was decidedly sparkle! Even in the most masculine forms, sequins were center stage at Marc Jacobs and Margiela, although crystal-encrusted masks were given a rest in lieu of dazzling bodysuits, vests and dresses. In this game, statements are made just as easily with staple pieces like vests and coats as they are with smaller accessories. Keep an eye out for Deepa Gurnani’s “crystal embellished belt”, bottom right ($313), Kate Spade’s “estate garden necklace”, bottom left ($298) and RRP’s “selected georges blazer”, center ($291) to create shimmer that rivals the stars.


Marc Jacobs ss2014


RRP “selected georges blazer”, $291


Martin Maison Margiela ss2014


Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 10.41.04 PM

Kate Spade “estate garden necklace”, $298

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 10.32.24 PM

Deepa Gurnani’s “crystal embellished belt”, $313

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