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Music Matters : A Breath of Fresh AER


Music Matters : A Breath of Fresh AER

Saturday, March 20th was  one of those days that’s actually one thing but feels like something else entirely,  more specifically it was  a Thursday that felt like a Saturday. There were a plethora of things to do and lucky for you, 70 degree weather and sunshine to help bring some clarity and positive energy as you made those critical decisions.

While you were overwhelmed by the lovely break from nasty-not-quite-spring-yet-weather we were at the Visulite Theater, right outside of uptown, waiting for the Fresh AER Movement Tour to kick off for the night. My brother, myself and about 250 teenagers and a peppering of college aged persons constitutes that “we” and we were a sea of handmade jean daisy dukes, last summers dresses with slightly worn white chucks, floral and lace blouses galore, printed button ups, polo’s, tube socks paired with the latest sneakers and enough khaki shorts to outfit a private school. Conversations ranged from “blah blah blah” to the level of diplomatic sensitivity a young lady needs when handling multiple suitors for prom, needless to say there was plenty of entertainment as we waited; for us and the only other 20-somethings in the joint, who we ironically ending up standing behind.


We finally made it into the Visualite Theater, the opening band was already rocking the stage and I was trying to figure the best way to get through the mob of people that had formed around them and make my way back stage to catch AER before they went on. Fast forward through enough pushing and pulling for a tug of war contest, chatting up a few very cool bouncers, a conversation with tour manager Mike, a few near misses in the greenroom and one last ditch effort to catch the band during the set change and we stop at success!

Five minutes before the band was supposed to go on, I wandered back to the green room and found AER emcee Carter (David would come in a  a few minutes later) and the band, chilling. They actually seemed more like a bunch of cool guys than an actual band at first glance – I later witnessed what that cool air of understated comradery translated to on the stage; effortless synchronization and a great show – but as soon as I introduced myself, Carter turned his game on instantly, this wasn’t his first interview.

IMG_4591-450x600I didn’t want to take up much of their time or be too distracting so our exchange was more spitfire.  Here is what I got:

The guys are originally from Boston, Mass., started touring about four years ago and haven’t stopped since. Carter told me this was  Aer’s  eighth time performing in North Carolina, third time in Charlotte and they were expecting a great night. The last time they were in town they had a great show but it wasn’t sold out, this one was sold out so they expected the energy to be heavy and they had a great set ready for the crowd. Carter also told me Charlotte is one of his favorite places to perform, the people are always great, he described the Queen City as a “middle-ground” and spoke highly of our city’s blend of metropolis and southern hospitality; a combination that doesn’t happen often yet is often relished, I guess our city is like a breath of fresh air. By now its about time to hit the stage and in walks effortlessly-cool  Dave, we snap a few candids.

After a little running around, I caught up with AER to get our STYLE scoop. The show was phenomenal and we cant wait for the band to come back.

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