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Makeup Dreams: Interview with MUA Stephanie C


Makeup Dreams: Interview with MUA Stephanie C

Makeup Artist Stephanie C is a multi-talented makeup artist hailing from Jacksonville, NC. We chatted with her about how she got started in the industry, what inspires her, and where her big dreams!

Carolina STYLE Magazine: How did you get started in the makeup industry?
MUA Stephanie C:  Well I became extremely unfulfilled with the  jobs I’ve had so I decided to take on an entrepreneur spirit and make a career of my natural talents. I took my first makeup workshop in NYC with Mario Dedivanovic (Kim Kardashian’s former makeup artist) in January 2012. I did tons of research through literature and videos. My favorite book that really got me grounded in the basic fundamentals of freelance Makeup Artistry is The Makeup Manual by Bobbi Brown; a must have for any beginner MUA! After harassing my girlfriends to let me practice makeup on them, I finally started networking with models and photographers on Model Mayhem. It’s through networking that  I find new opportunities and work.

CSM: Where do you get your inspiration from?
Stephanie: My inspiration comes from negative and positive experiences. Working with negative coworkers and most recently an envious  backstabbing Account Executive (from a cosmetic counter line that I am soon resigning from) keep me grounded that I need to work for myself and make it as Freelance Makeup Artist.  It’s very challenging having talent and the drive to succeed and being around negative energy. It awakens the lioness energy within and I become extremely fierce with the drive to succeed and I choose to remain positive and turn their negative energy  for my greater good.  I love nature so i love shooting with all elements of nature There are so many nature photo shoots I want to do that i haven’t done yet. I Also inspire myself  When I don’t represent myself well either in a photo shoot or live makeup performance I always push myself to do better the next time.

MakeOver-35CSM: Who are some of the people that have inspired your career?
Stephanie: Pat McGrath and Sam fine are amongst the top paid makeup artists in the industry…and they are both African American. They have proven to me that you can break down barriers and still be successful in the industry no matter what your ethnicity is. Most recently, I’ve discovered Beat Face Honey, she’s doing Nicki Minaj and Beyonce’s makeup…She is inspiring me to get out of my comfort zone and put myself out there through social media. Ashley Brook Perryman, Director of Charleston Fashion Week Hair and Makeup team..She is Sooo Nice and friendly and she continuously pushes the energy of positivity and working more than just as a team but as a family. In the short period of time that I’ve know her she has given so much valuable tips that most Makeup Artist in the Industry wouldn’t reveal. I really appreciate her positive energy and I would always love to be apart of the Hair/Makeup team for Charleston Fashion Week. Just talking about her makes me happy.

CSM: What do you love most about makeup?
 Stephanie:  I love makeup because it gives women who struggle with different skin conditions a boost of confidence when they are trying to heal their skin. I continue to struggle with adult acne and it leaves dark pigmentation on my face for months. So as I’m healing and getting my skin back to a even skin tone I can cover any imperfections and still have a natural look.

CSM: How would you describe your signature look and/or what sets you apart from other MUAs?
Stephanie: My signature look is classic beauty/high fashion makeup. What sets me apart from most MUA’s is that I am multi-talented. I sing, bellydance, I’m about to start natural hair/crystal jewelry modeling. I’m a holistic esthetician as well, so eventually when I open my own business my clients will leave with their chakras balanced, glowing skin, and magazine quality makeup. Fierce!

CSM: What fun projects are you currently working on & where can we look forward to seeing you?
Stephanie:  I was a part of the Hair/Makeup Team for Charleston Fashion Week 2014 so my work  was on the runway! I will be posting lots of behind the scenes pics.  I am going to be working with Independent Film Producer Aaron Slick McDonald for his project Paradise Lost. I am also a part of the official makeup team for Wilmington’s inaugural Fashion Weekend. Then, somehow someway – I’m willing it into my reality lol – NY Fashion Week this fall!

To connect with Stephanie:
Instagram: _muastephaniec
Twitter: muastephaniec

Photo Courtesy of Rodger Olivares
Cover Image by Ernesto Sue

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