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Real Love Stories : Part I


Real Love Stories : Part I

With the notorious day of love finally in our midst, we asked some of our readers to share their real life love stories.

For some reason, we seem to only search for love stories in the movie theater, or in our favorite book. We never take the time to look around and witness true love right in front of our face. Charlotte’s own Nucien Fretwell lived her own fairy tale when she met her current boyfriend, Damany. Years later, she shares her story with us and the love is evident as she excitedly divulges the way they met. After an initial meeting at Colure in South Charlotte, they were lucky enough to meet again. “When I first saw him I thought, ‘He is such an attractive guy.’ … Fast forward 5 months to July 12, 2013, the same girlfriend and I went back to Colure randomly and that was the special day this all began. Damany and I were already Facebook friends from our meeting in February. He had sent me a message that night which read ‘To be honest, I was actually anticipating the next time you came out as I had my eye on you the first time.” This was only the beginning of their love story. His chivalrous ways only continued as they began to date, enticing her with every encounter. Nucien had no choice but to fall for a man like Damany after he swept her off her feet by doing things like emailing her lists of the reasons he was falling for her. Their love stayed true and fresh with the constant effort of each individual. “We genuinely respect each other and we value great communication. We stay in tune with each other, we help each other to be better individuals, and we never go to sleep upset. We both have our own identities but also love being a couple.”


The best love stories come when we least expect them, when we have given up hope, when our schedules are just too busy to worry about finding a partner, or when we just find other things more important than love. When Mallory was rushing to a birthday party, she realized that there is always time for love. “I remember going to my eldest nieces birthday party and I was running late so I had my belongings in my hand, (you know the usual purse, shoes, MY WIG!) I was clearly running late… He just laughed at me and asked me what I was doing after the birthday party.” The beginning of their story was slightly unconventional but it proves that “when God has something special for you, you just have to wait on it, WIG and all!” Nine years later she tells their story with such a proud conviction that she makes you not only believe in her love story, but eager to begin your own.


In another romantic tale of two gamers coming together in holy matrimony, Logan and Stephanie shared their story of how they met, and the passion that immediately followed. “I actually met him online, while playing on Playstation Home. Of all things, right? When we “met” I was ill and on bed rest, bored as can be since my house was packed up, all the while reeling from a life-changing divorce. I was angry and bitter, often unkind. I had no desire to put effort into anything, only wanting to check out all day, every day.” They began to talk, and share intimate, personal stories with each other. What began as an online friendship, soon grew into much more than that. They were each others’ confidants, as they went through different hardships in life. Their relationship advanced an astronomical amount as they grew closer to each other. She was undoubtedly in love and how could she not be? “Logan has a heart like I’ve never seen. It’s so big, and full of so much love and compassion, and he used it to soften mine. He shined that love down on me, seeing something in me I had long forgotten about. He never lets a day go by where I forget my worth or beauty or talents. Integrity pours from him.” They have such a pure love that it spreads with mere words. Stephanie speaks in such an admirable way about Logan that it makes one want to witness their love grow and blossom. It is more powerful than any romance movie in theaters because it isn’t a fairy tale, it’s a true story that could move a person to tears. “How do I put into words what Logan is for me? He is my smile at the end of the day, my rock when I grow weak. He has a laugh I could listen to endlessly. He is truly my best friend.”




In a society in which we idolize fake love and romanticize unhappiness and divorce, it is more than refreshing to hear true stories of love from people we see every day. It is not something that is only attainable in the movies. Your fairy tale could begin tomorrow. Chivalry and romance are peeking around every corner, if you take the time to wait.


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