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The Gentleman’s Guide: Is it time for a STYLE revamp?

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The Gentleman’s Guide: Is it time for a STYLE revamp?

Have you ever felt like you were in a STYLE slump? Many of us go through this at sometime: we wear the same thing over and over again, or are just not inspired to take our outfit to the next level. I have three ways to identify if you are in a “STYLE slump” and how to break through it to regain your passion and excitement for STYLE.

Why do I have so many?

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PROBLEM: Why do I have so many?

As creatures of comfort, we are all guilty of falling in love with something and, might I say, going a little overboard with wearing that same item. Whether it’s too many of the same colored shirts, wearing the same type of tie all the time, or even opting for a particular accessory too often, it’s easy to get caught in the cycle of buying and wearing the same thing all the time.

FIX: Identify the repeat item!

You may need to start pulling out items and start counting how many you own of said item. A good rule of thumb is that anything beyond 3 may be too many. For example, if you start counting and find that you have more than 3 of the same colored shirts, and they are the same design, you should probably reassess which ones to keep. Now, if they are the same color but different variances in design this is good for creating multiple looks, but I would still try to limit myself.

This is so comfortable!

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PROBLEM: But this is so comfortable!

Many times, especially us fellas, we will start wearing something all the time because it is so comfortable. It could be those “go to” jeans you’ve had for 5+ years, or that favorite sports tee that really has seen better days, or even that dated suit that somehow has withstood the test of time. You have to catch yourself before it spirals out of control!  Comfort, when it comes to STYLE, should not be leading decision for wearing a particular item but rather a byproduct of purchasing the right item!

FIX: Replace and remove!

An easy way to fix this problem is to find a good replacement that is stylish and also up-to-date. Once you find your amazing replacement, throw the old item away or better yet, donate it to your local thrift shop if it’s in good condition. Replacing with a new item and then removing the old item allows you to see why you are transitioning and gives you motivation to move forward.

The dark abyss!

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PROBLEM: The dark abyss!

Winter has a tendency to force us to believe color does not exist anymore until the spring! We should not be able to look in our closet and see a dark abyss of just black, dark grey and navy clothing. Pops of color are probably more important in the winter. For starters, you will stand out because everyone else is wearing dark colors. Furthermore, it can boost your energy level because vibrant colors actually have an effect on your mood.

FIX: Own seasonal colors!

Is it ok to wear yellow in the winter? ABSOLUTELY, but you might want to save the canary yellow for the spring and summer and wear your goldenrod yellow for fall and winter. It’s all about understanding what color hues are appropriate for the time of the year. Generally spring and summer are for brighter and more vibrant hues, while fall and winter are for more subdued earthier and natural tones. Replace one black, dark grey or dark blue item with a seasonal colored item such as red, orange or green and watch the reaction that you get!

With these tips, take back the fashion reigns back in 2014 and show the world how great STYLE can be accomplished 365 days a year.

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Style consultant and fashion journalist, Lawrence B. Spivey is bridging the worlds of high-fashion and southern gentleman charm and style. Lawrence began his career in fashion with the launch of his style consulting business and blog “Sir Byron Laurent Style and Fashion Consulting”. In addition to consulting work, he is also permanent fashion contributor for EmergeNC Magazine, Zoe Life Magazine and penned a column for the May/June issue of The Session Magazine. Also Lawrence has been interviewed by fashion and style magazines such as GLO Magazine, Style 101 Magazine and Carolina Style Magazine. Lawrence has a genuine passion for encouraging men through fashion advice and words of wisdom for living both a stylish and successful life. You can follow Lawrence on Twitter and Instagram at @SirByronLaurent, on FaceBook at and the blog at


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