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Apps to Help You Lose Weight and Keep It Off

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Apps to Help You Lose Weight and Keep It Off

This year, losing weight and keeping it off is easier than ever thanks to our smartphones. There are a variety of apps that help you count calories, track your exercise, and even earn cash for losing weight.


This is a free app that lets you create a fitness profile depending on your age, weight, and how much you want to lose. It’s similar to Weight Watchers as the app is essentially a food and exercise diary.


1. Based on your fitness profile, MyFitnessPal recommends a daily calorie target for you to achieve your weight loss (or gain) goals.

2. As you eat and exercise throughout the day, you record your meals and exercise in the Food and Exercise diaries. MyFitnessPal will calculate the number of calories you’ve consumed and burned from exercise and let you know how many calories you have left to eat for the day. If you stick within your calorie limits, you should achieve the weight loss you’re looking for.

3. At the end of the day, you can look at a calorie breakdown chart that shows you the percentage of carbohydrates, fats, protein, and sugar you have consumed. You can also look at a breakdown of nutrient details that shows you how much you’ve consumed compared to your goal, and how much you have left.

calorie breakdown

3. Recording everything you eat and every exercise you do sounds time consuming, but luckily MyFitnessPal remembers the foods and exercises you like most and makes it easy for you to save those items to your diary. In just a few days, recording can be as fast as 30 seconds.

4. About once a week, MyFitnessPal recommends weighing yourself and recording your new weight with the Check-In feature. This allows the app to track your progress over time and also adjust your calorie goals to reflect your new weight.







This free app that tracks how far you run, your average pace, and calories burned. It works with MyFitnessPal by automatically deducting the calories burned on your run from your diary.


1. To start, select your activity type from a vast list that includes running, cycling, hiking, rowing, and plenty of winter sports. You can enable your GPS feature and the app will track your route for you.

2. You can also choose a playlist from your music library and select a workout by entering your desired target pace, or choosing one of the apps pre-existing workouts. Training plans include “Learn to run”, “Get Fit”, “Lose Weight”, and “Finish a Race”.

3. If you are training for a marathon, the”Finish a Race” workout has multiple training plans to get your prepared. Choose the best plan for you depending on the length of race, how many weeks you have to train, and how many days a week you can run.

4. Once you hit the Start button and begin your workout, the activity screen will display the time, average pace, and calories burned at the top. At the bottom, two buttons will show your total distance run and current pace. When you are finished, the app save your workout and show you a summary.

5. The best part of the app is the “Me” page, a profile of your activities including miles ran, average pace, calories burned, and time spent. On this page you can also set a goal to keep you motivated, view your personal records, and your all time distance.


This app pays you for achieving your fitness goals, and you pay if you don’t reach your goals


1. First, make a weekly pact to exercise more or eat healthier, and set what you will pay other members if you don’t reach your goal ($5-$50). At the end of the week, members who achieve their pact are rewarded the money paid out by the users who did not meet their goals.

2. After setting up an account, you tag your gym from their database. The app uses GPS to ensure that users are actually going to the gym, and not the bar or coffee shop. Each workout must be at least 30 minutes to be counted. Use the check-in and check-out features to log your workout, or the GPS will check-out when it detects that you have left the gym.

3. The app can also sync up with RunKeeper, and allows outdoor runs to count towards your workout pact as long as they exceed 30 minutes and 0.5 miles. It can also sync up with MyFitnessPal.

4. The profile screen allows you to change your pact, withdraw rewards, or schedule a break. The app uses PayPal for you to reap your rewards or pay other members. The amount of money you make depends on how many users did not meet their goals that week, and how many times you went to the gym.


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