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We Dare YOU to Wear…


We Dare YOU to Wear…

January is often a time when we try out new things and new ideas; the dreaded workout regimens, being healthier, and striving for a new ‘you’. But instead of focusing on how to change yourself, we think that the best new year’s resolution is to find fresh ways to embrace the new you.

Despite the old magazine myth of prescribing women’s bodies to preset stereotypical terms like ‘pear’, ‘hourglass’, and ‘lean’ shaped, any cut, STYLE, or line of clothing can make anyone look great. It’s all in how you wear it! For 2014, we dare you to wear something you normally avoid! Whether it’s a low cut shirt on a smaller bust, a high-neckline on a curvy woman, or any other woe, you just might surprise yourself!

Dare #1: Beating The Myth of the Miniskirt

Shorter hemlines can be all kinds of dangerous. It can be frustrating to keep a mini perfectly in line all night, especially when you aren’t built like Heidi Klum. But the right shape of mini can change all of that for you, and help bring out your best assets.

For curvier bodies; look for a mini with a tulip flare, or one with a little bit of volume. A skirt with more shape will make the lower body look leaner, and won’t be as tight and hard to maneuver. The fuschia, pleated (from ASOS) will make legs look longer (especially when paired with a little heel), and add a flirty sway to your step.


If you’re looking to add a little shape to our physique; skirts with horizontal stripes or patterns can add an extra illusion of a little more curve, especially in a nice, tighter line. Try this blue and white striped denim mini (from Francesca’s), perfect for spring.

Dare #2: Coloring Between the Necklines

Whether you’re blessed with a full bust or a more modest one, the grass is always greener.

If you’re fuller up top, normally the word ‘turtleneck’ spoken at the wrong time can cause nightmares for weeks.  But in all actuality, the sleek fit of it can show off your feminine definition perfectly; just look for darker tones, like deep forest green, navy, or black, and avoid patterns that bring unnecessary attention. Also, pair with like colors to avoid breaking up the silhouette too much. If you’re yearning for a pop of brightness, add a bright scarf or bag.


For those who are smaller busted, low necklines can be a little intimidating to fill out. The trick is to fill in the negative space; add a bright statement necklace which will draw attention to the area in a positive light.  Bustier tops will add a little more volume too; we’re obsessed with this black wool one (from Zara).

Dare #3: Taking the High Road

High-waisted jeans are one of those looks that appear to be so simple and easy to pull off on the runway and magazines, but a whole different story when it comes to the real world. The finished product though, will end up being one of your favorites.

If you already have a little curve to you, try not to pair high-waists with a top that’s fitted. A silky, sleek button down is incredible with this look, and will give you legs for days (and a derriere to match in glory). Alternatively, pair it with a white v-neck tucked, in under a nude blazer for an unbeatable, sexy look.

To add a little roundness, a high-waist can be your best friend. Pair them with a sweet, patterned crop top to highlight your sweet spots even more. While it’s still a little chilly out, look for a fitted blouse or knit top.


Rules are made to be broken. What will you dare to wear in 2014?

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I am obsessed with frills, vintage pieces, and any sort of accessory, fabric, or adornment reminiscent of fairy tales. I realize this makes my style picks a bit 'girly' at times- I feel I make up for this with immense appreciation for Kurt Cobain's influence on Tori Spelling's wardrobe, as well as awesome taste in music.

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