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STYLE Q&A: Raine Magazine’s Nova Lorraine


STYLE Q&A: Raine Magazine’s Nova Lorraine

Pictured: Founder and Editor-in-Chief Nova Lorraine with NYC Market Editor Bianca Torres
Photo Credit: Travis Jones

Becoming an entrepreneur is no easy task.  Business plans, budgets, and branding is all part of the extensive process to achieve your objective.

Carolina STYLE Magazine sat with Fashion Designer and Editor in Chief of Raine Magazine, Nova Lorraine for insight on discovering her passion for fashion, success and the need for exposure of when it comes to emerging artists and entrepreneurs.


Carolina STYLE Magazine: What helped you recognize the need for the exposure of entrepreneurs through a multimedia platform such as Raine Magazine?

Nova Lorraine: As a designer and creative entrepreneur, I encountered a lack of media offerings for rising brands and talent within the creative industries. It was a problem that my colleagues also faced. It was hard to find other like-minded entrepreneurs, so I saw Raine as both a magnet for networking and resource for the fashion and lifestyle entrepreneur.

CSM: After graduating with master’s degree in clinical psychology, what influenced your decision to pursue a career in fashion?

NL: While I was at my first job after college, I realized that there must be more to life than working a 9 to 5 job that you do not love. I also discovered that I wanted to help people trough my love for fashion and creating.

CSM: You’ve expanded into marketing and branding with Raine Creative Consulting; what brought that concept to fruition?

NL: After meeting numerous individuals of who needed help connecting the dots and creating a plan that would work now and in the future.

CSM: You are a successful business woman, entrepreneur and designer- what can we expect from Nova Lorraine in the next five years?

NL: Keep a look out for my television show and award winning short films that I have directed or written.

CSM: What advice would you give to entrepreneurs of all industries?

NL: Envision the lifestyle you want to live, make a list of your innate gifts and passions, then find a way of marrying all three – while deciding at the very beginning –  to never give up.

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Bianca Torres is a native New Yorker with a natural passion for fashion, beauty, celebrity gossip and cuisine. Case Manager turned blogger, shortly after her relocation to Raleigh, NC she began volunteering for local events and found Carolina STYLE Magazine.  Shortly after, she also began writing for Carolina STYLE, working her way up to Contributing Lifestyle Editor. After her promotion, Bianca returned back home to New York and became the magazine's NYC Market Editor.  Currently, she hold the position of Content Manager for Dutchess County Legislator Francena Amparo and writes for as an NY Beauty/ Celebrity Examiner. Editor, blogger, foodie and cosmetic connoisseur, Bianca loves to give the inside scoop on the latest trends. Contact Bianca at: Website: Facebook: Bianca Torres Tumblr.: Fashion Beauty Culture Twitter: @bianca_inc Instagram: @bianca_inc Pinterest: Bianca Torres


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