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The Look: Halloween BOOtiful


The Look: Halloween BOOtiful

With just days left in October, there is still time get inspired for the upcoming costume soiree.  Your best look could be laying in your make up bag already.

Blushing Hair and Make Up teamed up with You Make Me Shutter for a spooktacular photo shoot at Elmwood Cemetery in Uptown Charlotte for a carnival-style look with vibrant colors reminiscent of a circus.

“We found no shortage of inspiration and especially as the makeup and flattering wounds came together, we knew we were on to something unique”, says Megan Clouse of Blushing Hair and Make Up.


halloweenedits 1

Rachel slept in sponge rollers, and then we fingered through all of them to create an unkept look.

halloweenedits 5
Anna was three hours of fun wrapping a pencil-width chunk of hair around a hair pin and flat ironing each piece.
halloweenedits 62

Using MAC cosmetics and Urban Decay lipsticks the models look eerie yet still stunning. Rachel (left) was created with a Gothic inspired look. Anna (center) has more pronounced features which makes her strikingly beautiful. Jade (right) started out with a beehive which didn’t fit the complete look. After taking it down and seeing the tease and texture they loved it.

halloweenedits 45



halloweenedits 49



halloweenedits 33

“We wanted all the girls to be different, with a unique feel and a graveyard vintage aesthetic. All the girls clothes were upcycled from our personal wardrobe collections except for some small accessories purchased from target. We wanted to show how it is possible to put together something using just what you have with the right makeup and hair”, says Clouse.

Photography:Amanda Nerness, You Make Me shutter; Wardrobe, Hair, Make Up: Blushing

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