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STYLE Inspiration : One on One with Margaret Cho

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STYLE Inspiration : One on One with Margaret Cho

One of our contributors, David Loyer, is a big Margaret Cho fan.  After hearing how much Margaret wanted to host The View, David launched a Facebook page titled “We Want Margaret Cho to Host The View” on July 11. On July 15, Margaret responded with a thank you to David on her website.  Their efforts paid off as Margaret was soon asked to be a guest host on The View on July 25 and 26!

I love this story because it’s a great example of how nothing is impossible. It also shows the power of social media and the support of people who believe with you.  Never underestimate yourself (or the power of your Facebook page).

David had the opportunity to interview Margaret recently.  Here are the questions he asked, starting with one widely asked questions by the fans via social media.

David says “Margaret is down to earth and someone that I could see myself just hanging out with, drinking coffee and making parodies of Lady Gaga songs.”  Follow Margaret and David on Twitter. Who knows, maybe you’ll see the Lady Gaga parodies in the future.

Are you single?
No, I’m not actually.  I have been married since 2003.  It’s just one of those things  I’m actually very house-wifey in my own way, not really, but kind of.  I’m very domestic.

What is your dream role/job?
To host “The View” and to join Wilco Band.  It would be cool, you never know what will happen.

What do you see yourself doing in 20 years?
I definitely see myself doing stand-up.  I can do some acting and some music, but my passion is stand-up.  It’s very deep, it’s like a calling, it’s spiritual for me.  I love standup and I love that whole profession.  It’s very important to me.  It’s deeper than a job, it’s very spiritual.

Have you ever thought of doing an “All American Girl” reunion show?
I think that would be hot!  I don’t know what it will take but I’m down for it.

So I’ve heard rumors that your show “Drop Dead Diva” might be doing a spin off with your character Teri, is there any truth in that?
I don’t know, I haven’t heard anything, but I’m definitely open to a spin-off. - Miss Missy bear rug1
You have a new web series called “In Transition”, is there a message you’re trying to send or is it solely for comedic purposes?
No, it’s really for comedic purposes. I had the idea because I’ve worked with a lot of different people who were in different parts of the system.  I’ve worked with people who are on death row, with people to transition into life in prison or transition to life out of prison.  So I understand that life and it would be interesting to make a comedy based on that.  I also wanted to work with my friends, and you know, work is like a way to be social and hang out.  So it was an opportunity to do something with them.

Do your tattoos have any sentimental value?
None of my tattoos have sentimental value, again it’s about being social.  My friends have tattoos and /or are tattoo artists.  In general I don’t decide on what I get, I just go get it done and hang out with my friends.  My favorites are on my knees.  I have George Washington on my right knee and Abraham Lincoln on my left knee.  It’s a five dollar bill and a one dollar bill so it’s like six dollars.  It’s so funny, it looks like money.  I also have a fifty pound note on my back.  I like money.

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