STYLE Spotlight: Beyond the Red Rope

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STYLE steps into the creative mind of Dimitri Williams Photography for a behind the scenes look at his latest project “Beyond the Red Rope.”  To read the full blog and view the complete set of images, please visit:


Written by: Dimitri Williams

In this business we find inspiration from some of the most random places. Whether it be from walking along the docks of a pier, watching the waves crash against the shoreline or reading the Elle magazine, only to discover your next beauty idea. In this case the inspiration for this session came from working with an amazing group of people on a high fashion / body paint themed shoot.

“Beyond the Red Rope” – a collective vision from the creative minds of three individuals. Each one different in art form but with the same sole purpose – to push our talents to the limits. With this project we wanted to show the importance of developing a cohesive team and the amount of time and effort that is invested. Creating an end product that we aren’t afraid to share with the world, however being receptive to any feedback and criticism because at the end of the day that’s how artist grow. Right? Mission accomplished.

“This was an exciting project on so many different levels. It exhaled beauty, fashion, sophistication, vintage glam with a modern day spin. Bringing in body paint gave it an even more creative appeal. The team was amazing – great execution of concept.” – Katrice Clermont

Photography: Dimitri Williams Photography | 

Photography: Dimitri Williams Photography |

Photography: Dimitri Williams Photography |

Photographer: Dimitri Williams Photography (DWP |
Hair/Makeup: Donnie of IC Beauty (
Styling/Body Paint: Katrice Clermont of Katrice Clermont Body Paint Artistry (
Models: Becky Davis (body painted) and Lauren Long

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