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FILM & NOTE | The Conjuring, in Theaters July 19th


FILM & NOTE | The Conjuring, in Theaters July 19th

This summer wouldn’t be complete without a staple film to thrill and scare even the most avid horror film lovers.

This Friday, July 19th, marks that day. The Conjuring takes place in a Rhode Island farmhouse, where two self-proclaimed demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren, work to help the Perron family. They are being terrorized by a dark presence and the powerful spirit becomes one of the most frightening cases for even the Warrens, who are also tied to the Amityville Horror case.

Staring Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson as Lorraine and Ed Warren, and Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston as Carolyn and Roger Perron, this “based on a true story” tale follows the Perron’s move into a seemingly harmless house that may already have terror awaiting. From the director of SAW and Insidious, James Wan stays in his lane with this one. Alongside his screenwriting partners, Chad and Carey Hayes, the script tells the story of the Perron’s and their daughters, as well as sets up the daunting future to come, weaving in moments where the characters experience gut-wrenching fear…..something so human that the audience may feel it too.

Development for this film began when Ed Warren played one of his original tapes of Carolyn’s interview for producer Tony DeRosa-Grund over 20 years ago. DeRosa-Grund wrote the initial phase of the film he titled The Conjuring, but was unable to land a deal. He finally got the chance with Producer Peter Safran and writing duo, Chad and Carey Hayes, who helped polish the script. The film eventually landed with New Line Cinema and began production in early 2012. Scenes were shot at EUE/Screen Gems Studios, in Wilmington, NC as well as various other locations around Wilmington. Even the University of North Carloina Wilmington was used as a location in March 2012, while students were away on spring break. Production concluded in late 2012 and after positive screenings, was set to release this summer.

“With its minimal use of digital effects, its strong, sympathetic performances and ace design work, the pic harks back in themes and methods to The Exorcist and The Amityville Horror, not quite attaining the poignancy and depth of the former but far exceeding the latter in sheer cinematic beauty.”

Sheri Linden of “The Hollywood Reporter”

It has been reported that New Line Cinema is already developing the sequel, with writers Chad and Carey Hayes on board, as well as Wan. He is excited about the notion and already has ideas about what the next film could be about. He told Entertainment Weekly, “There’s so many cases that one could pull out of [the Warrens’] files. I myself think the Annabelle [a doll featured in “The Conjuring”] story could be a great standalone movie. That whole story is really interesting and really, really scary.” Farmiga is also on-board with the idea of a sequel and the chance to play the eccentric Lorraine Warren again.


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