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MUSIC: NC Local Music Celebrates Six Years


MUSIC: NC Local Music Celebrates Six Years

NC Local Music celebrated their 6th year at The Pour House, this past Friday night. The party featured musical performances by Hierosonic, The Resonance Cascade, Russ Thompson, Black Heart Kings, and Fields of Mars.
NC Local Music is a promotion agency based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Their mantra is: “The ones who run the world are the ones who show up!” and their mission is to support local artists in reaching “the next level.”
The show opened up with Russ Thompson on acoustic guitar, accompanied by a set of bongo drums. It was a rhythmically oriented soulful performance reminiscent of Dave Matthews or Jack Johnson.
The Resonance Cascade took to the stage following Thompson and definitely amped up the mood a bit. They featured a not so traditional four piece set, and offered an unusual variety of alternative sounds. Performing with a compelling, and often sarcastic, lead vocalist and a startling solo guitarist who seemed comfortable carrying the sound at any moment, the music was similar to that of Kings of Leon or Sublime.

Black Heart Kings were the next act up. While their five piece set includes a violinist, it would be a far stretch to define them as a country band. Their performance offered a mix of progressive rock, funk, and classic music with a touch of bluegrass, gracing the audience with a very diverse performance.
The evening’s headliner was Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s Hierosonic, who played with a lot of energy, crazy bass lines and a thought provoking theme. One song said, “All your leaders fail to lead when your lovers fail to love,” and references were made to the media’s effect on society, and the importance of independent thought. Their intensity and message paid homage to the likes of  Rage Against the Machine. Fields of Mars closed the show with reflective instrumentals and their layered post rock, indie sound.
The 6th annual NC Local Music Party delivered dynamic sounds and a positive atmosphere. NC Local Music provides a unique platform for local musicians. “From here we are looking forward to a little bit of a slow down for 2013 as we take time to get out and see some artists,” said NC Local Music’s founder, Andy Washburn, ” while we still have a few more shows lined up to close the year out, we are looking forward to 2014 when we will get back into organizing some amazing events for the music community to enjoy.”

Photos courtesy of Jason Nakrani of Nakrani Studios.

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