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Carolina Music Awards Introduces New Category to the 2013 Line Up


Carolina Music Awards Introduces New Category to the 2013 Line Up

As each year passes, the anticipation builds for the Carolina Music Awards, bringing music lovers from across the Carolinas under one roof to celebrate an evening of musical  honors. This year’s celebration, on July 6th at the Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Raleigh, boasted a new category and welcomed a new host with national recognition.

Hosting the CM Awards was radio personality and CNN correspondent Holly Firfer, who shined on the red carpet in her vintage gold beaded cocktail dress and elaborate up-do while greeting guests, artists, and fans.

Photography: Jason Rizzo |

Filling the auditorium with her bubbly personality, Holly entertained the crowd as the excitement of the evening grew while various presenters announced the nominees and winners. The Carolina Music Awards has successfully united different genres of music including Hip Hop, Rock, Youth, Americana, Bluegrass, R&B and Country for the past six years.

Photography: Jason Rizzo |

The CM Awards started as an idea to recognize local artists for their accomplishments and develop a culture for the artists to network. In its sixth year, the Carolina Music Awards has successfully provided an environment for these artists to come together as professionals and musicians, but as Omar McCallop states, “these awards are especially important because these artists get a chance to connect directly with their fan base.” When STYLE asked what these award shows do for the NC/SC music scene, Producer of the Year Karen Kane replied, “I think that it just gives it a credibility. The artists get a chance to perform and just get better at what they do.”

Los De La Vuelta took home the Latin Artist of the Year title, a new category to the 2013 CM Awards line-up. “From a mathematical stand point, it’s virtually impossible for them (the Grammys) to honor everyone, it’s impossible for us (CM Awards) to honor everyone, but at least we have the chance to give people a taste of what Carolina music sounds like, North and South.  We can’t cover everything, but it’s a great start.” says the show’s producer, Omar McCallop.

With a strong mission and a great team full of passion and drive, the Carolina Music Awards was a great success; Omar McCallop – Producer, Jeannie Wainwright – Awards Organizer, Edwin Mitchell- Stage Manager, Tonya Phinx- A/V & Slideshow Presentation, and Angelo Robinson- Graphic Design CM Awards/GA Awards. Planning has already begun for the 3rd annual 2014 GA Awards set for June 14, 2014.  The 2014 CM Awards is to be announced.

For more interviews at the 2013 Carolina Music Awards:

Country Female
Rebekah Todd

Country Male
Eric Strickland

Country Group/Band
Dixie Still

Bootleg Dynasty

Rock Female
Crissie McCree

Rock Male
James Ethan Clark

Rock Band

Hip Hop Male
The Real Laww

Hip Hop Female
Honey Dip

Hip Hop Group/Band
Team Collective

R&B Female
Lindsey Whittington

R&B Male
Ricky Jay

R&B Group/Band

Latin Artist
Los De La Vuelta

Best New Artist
Justin Time

Jasmine Farrar

DJ Red Marie

Karen Kane

Old Country Road – A Mad Affair (Country/Rock)
Call Me (Gmix) – Ashley Mar Shell (R&B/Hip Hop)

Roxanna Demers (Country/Rock)
JoceLien (R&B/Hip Hop)

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