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FASHION IN MOTION: A Look Back Into Spring 2013’s Resonating STYLEs

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FASHION IN MOTION: A Look Back Into Spring 2013’s Resonating STYLEs

Just weeks ago CSM had the coveted opportunity to partner with Saks Fifth Avenue. We were given an open-door invitation to borrow from SFA’s exclusive collection of designer tailleur. Such extraordinary fashion must be styled and showcased with great attention to detail – and thus, an experienced team of talent was recruited for the job.

Executive Editor: Amanda Manares is the capitol of the triangle that produces CSM. She assigned [me] Marie Cordella the honor of creating the shoots concept and executing it’s production. Amanda’s current knowledge of the entertainment and events industry is inspirational. She’s a divergent thinker and is skilled with her ability to apply learned lessons to all walks of her business development.

Art Director + Stylist: Marie Cordella. FASHION IN MOTION – The Concept: This shoot was birthed from my deep love of the photographs that iconic fashion designer Versace and noted photographer Richard Avedon produced together throughout Versace’s life and career. The deep colors, deep greys, and eccentric activities being performed by the models have each shaped the aesthetic of the shoot (below.)

Overly scripted photo-shoots are a dime a dozen and I really wanted to create something fresh. As usual, I used models who are actual friends of mine. They each double as real life fabulous women who reside here in the Triangle. Stephanie Sevilla is an amazingly talented make-up artist, fashion figure and designer at large. Lara O’brien is a principal dancer in the Carolina Ballet. 

Photographer: Kaitlyn Barlow. Long before this opportunity arose Amanda and I had drooled over Kaitlyn’s work. Recently relocated from NYC, Kaitlyn now resides in Greensboro. She has a very broad portfolio of insightful and unique works, as well as an impressive resume. Kaitlyn sets the bar high for photographers across the board.

Thank you so much – Kaitlyn – for your time, energy and creative influences toward this project!

photo credit: Kaitlyn Barlow

photo credit: Kaitlyn Barlow

photo credit: Kaitlyn Barlow

photo credit: Kaitlyn Barlow

Photographer: Kaitlyn Barlow

Art direction & styling: Marie Cordella

Clothing: Saks Fifth Avenue – Raleigh

Hair: Atomic Salon II – AnDrayah Ponce-Hernandez & Christine Woods

Make-up: Laura Watson

Models: Stephanie Sevilla & Lara O’Brien


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I’m a commission garment and soft-goods designer. I create high-end garments for private clients, exclusively. I have an undergraduate degree in Graphic design from Parsons School of Design and Virginia Commonwealth University; and a graduate degree in Industrial Design from NCSU. I compete on a national level in competitive fashion arts. I have a very divergent work history and I look for inspiration absolutely everywhere!

Recent accomplishments: featured designer on Lifetime Television Spring 2012, headlined Charleston Fashion Week 2011.

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