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Man of STYLE : Angel Verde, Southern Street Style Photographer


Man of STYLE : Angel Verde, Southern Street Style Photographer

Street style photographers are now a dime a dozen, but we met one shutterbug who stands out from the papps. STYLE was pleased to discover Angel David Verde, creator of the popular southern street style blog Angel’s Point of View and a new online series the Southern Street Style Tour.

In addition to curating Angel’s Point of View, Verde shoots street style for The Roanoke Times, and has work featured on The Huffington Post, and Most recently, Angel was selected as the official street style photographer for Charleston Fashion Week this past Spring.

In 2012, he produced and hosted a web based travel series called the Southern Street Style Tour, featuring Roanoke, Richmond, Charlotte, Charleston SC and Washington DC, which aired online via YouTube and his blog. The second season is scheduled for filming in late 2013.

STYLE: What gave you the idea to do a Street Style Tour?
Angel Verde: I had a lot of people ask me what is it like to be a street style photographer. You only see the photos, but there is the whole other element when you walk around and start meeting people and they invite you into their community.  You get the inside look of the city in a local organic, way versus a tourist way.    It’s kind of a cool evolution of it all. I just want to show people my world a little bit.

When did you come up with the idea to film a Southern Street Style tour?
I was driving home from Charleston Fashion Week 2012 and thought there needs to be a tv show of what I do.  My friend said ‘why don’t you do it?’ It took some time to develop to make it make sense.   I was stressed out for the rest of the summer to see how to make it happen.

Angel Photographed Cynthia Rowley in Charleston, SC

What makes a great street style subject?
I have no idea.  It just goes with my mood.  Every city has a look. As soon as you get a hold f what that look is, then you pick out who does that look the best but then also who breaks away from that look. 

Photo from Angel’s Street Style Tour in Charlotte, NC

What has been your favorite southern city?
I like a bit of something from every city.  I like Richmond, VA because it’s raw and their style fits in with the grittiness of Richmond itself. They are very much trying to make a statement there.

Charlotte, NC has a very small amount of foot traffic [for street style], but the cityscape is incredible. It’s awesome because you have these huge wide open sidewalks and these towering buildings that cast shadows and give really strange light. I really like Uptown Charlotte for that reason because it has a big city feel but it’s also so sleepy.

I like Charleston, SC for the sheer volume. Hands down the fashion culture and industry there has developed and it has evolved.  It’s something people want to embrace. Even on a slow day it’s not that bad. The street style there is awesome because there is so much to choose from.

I want to go to Raleigh, NC.  I don’t know what to expect but I know it’s going to be really cool so Raleigh is on the map for me.  It’s a Carolina based city that’s progressive and they are wanting to be a city that is a livable city.  There is a lot of stuff happening there, not just on the fashion side but the community development side, other cities are looking to pull [ideas] from there.

Photo from Angel’s Street Style Tour in Charlotte, NC

What is it like to be on a street style mission? Is it like a stake out?
I mainly keep moving.  There are times when I like to wait but it’s usually because I see a photo I want and I’m just hoping that someone will come by. At times I’ll move and come back to a spot. But there is just something about being on the go, it makes it exciting.

What made you want to get into street style photography?
I had just finished my time in the Air Force and had a million hobbies. I enjoyed taking pictures but I was pretty crappy at portraits. I was looking at a lot of street style blogs such as The Sartorialist and Jack and Jill but none in the south because there weren’t any in the south.  So I thought what if I tried this street style thing as my hobby. After the first photo I took, I was like, it’s on!  


Photo from Angel’s Street Style Tour in Charlotte, NC

What’s next for you?
Right now, I’m planning my fashion week trips for next year including Charleston, New York, Nashville and Richmond. I also heard good things about Style Night out in Charlotte last year, so I may visit it if it happens again this fall.  I’m also gearing up for some fashion editorials I was hired for over the summer.

The biggy right now though, is final planning for the next season of the Southern Street Style Tour.Word on the street is The Sartorialist (Scott Schuman) has a new online show, similar to the Street Style Tour [I created], coming out this fall on I’ve decided to title this season “Scott Whoman?”  I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but I plan to jokingly mention “Scott Whoman?” often on the Style Tour this season. Raleigh, Baltimore, Savannah, Atlanta and Nashville are all on my list of cities to visit.

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