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Stylish Reads: Father’s Day Picks!


Stylish Reads: Father’s Day Picks!

Father’s Day is just around the corner, this Sunday, June 16th if you haven’t already heard. And if you’re like me and have waited too long too get your very deserving father a wonderful gift, have no fear! A book is always an excellent choice. It gives your dad the opportunity to extend his library and grow his mind a little too! Below are some father-friendly books that could prove to be awesome gifts for your ‘old man’ this year:

Dan Brown, INFERNO

Following the success of “The Da Vinci Code,” “Angels & Demons,” and “The Lost Symbol,” Brown brings us again into an exciting adventure with Harvard professor, Robert Langdon. In this new thriller, set in Italy, we find Langdon enthralled with one of the most mysterious literacy pieces of all time, Dante’s “Inferno.” Along this storyline, Langdon must solve another brilliant riddle, battle a new enemy, and do so all before the world is forever changed.





Jon Mooallem, WILD ONES

Raising his daughter in a world that is quickly changing, journalist Jon Mooallem takes us on a journey. Many of the world’s species could face extinction within the century and many of America’s endangered species can only survive with the hard work of conservationists doing everything in their power to “rig the world around them.” So his daughter can experience some these creatures before it’s too late, he heads out into the field with her. This story takes us on a ride to discover wildlife and the environment around us. It fuses “reports, science, and history into a humane and endearing meditation on what it means to live in, and bring a life into, a broken world.”





This novel tells the old story of the American Revolution in a very new way. The events that occurred in the summer of 1776 proved to be the most important for our nation’s founding. The British Empire was sending its largest army to crush the dreams and new ideals of the colonies. Ellis examines the most authoritative political figures of this time including Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, and British figures such as Lord Richard and General Howe. Considering both sides of the story, Ellis examines the choices of each side and how they go on to affect the other.


Justin Halpern, SH*T MY DAD SAYS

Halpern began writing all the ridiculous things his father would say to him after having to move back in, at 28, with his 73-year-old father. Someone described to be “like Socrates, but angrier,” Sam Halpern gave his son plenty to write about. With now more than a million followers on Twitter, people can read these hilarious comments daily, however, this book also weaves in a coming-of-age story between a father and son that is sure to entertain!



Philipp Meyer, THE SON

In this coming-of-age novel, our protagonist is Eli McCullough. At 13, a band of Comanche ambush through his homestead and take him captive. He quickly conforms to their way of life and even becomes the chief’s adopted son. But war, starvation and disease demolish the tribe and Eli is left alone. Feeling like he doesn’t truly belong anywhere or to anyone Eli must find his place in the world.





These are just some options for your dad this year, however, there are plenty available to suit his interests and fascinations!



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