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Stylish Reads: Kate’s STYLE


Stylish Reads: Kate’s STYLE

It’s impossible not to think of Kate Middleton when thinking of STYLE.  She is the epitome of classy chic, and is somehow able to embody a youthful, fun style while still looking put together and remaining appropriate considering her royal status.

Kate’s Style: Smart, Chic Fashion from a Royal Role Model by Caroline Jones is all about the Duchess, her style and our obsession. Think you’re not obsessed? The electric blue Issa dress she wore to announce her engagement to Prince William sold out in just 24 hours!

In Kate’s Style, Caroline captures that elusive style that we have all come to love, and tells us how to create it in our own wardrobes. She offers a range of tools for achieving the Duchess’ celebrated look. Readers will find a visual timeline of Kate’s outfits: from her days at university, to recent royal tours and red carpet appearances. A directory of her favorite retailers and designers, a fabulous collection of full page photos showcasing Kate’s most iconic outfits, including pointers on how to recreate the looks, complete this book to make it the essential guide for Kate addicts and fashion lovers alike.

Kate’s Style: Smart, Chic Fashion from a Royal Role Model by Caroline Jones will be available July 1st, 2013.

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