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Summer Hair Trends and Healthy Ends


Summer Hair Trends and Healthy Ends

Co-written by: Leticia Cotton & Amanda Manares

Of traditions past, many women are conditioned to believe that long hair is an expression of femininity. This year, 2013 bombasts that contemporary pixies and crop styles can be just as current and accepted alongside the more traditional rebel, long bobs.

Short hair, by far, is the most popular with different celebrities this season, although some may feel that these looks are outdated. The modern take on the pixie, crop and bob has since been revamped, and we must say, at STYLE we are a big fan of edge!

Photography by: IVISTOFOTO
Styling: Shannon Lamm & Mick Radakovich | Atomic 2 Salon

Adding not so traditional colors to your hair can also achieve some edge. More conservative types can accomplish keeping a subtlety to their punk intentions by ramping up the hue of reds and purples. Vibrant hues of neon are just not for your wardrobe this year, hot pinks, neon blues and even lime greens can add a bit of color punch!

Photography by: IVISTOFOTO
Styling: Shannon Lamm & William Alexander (left) & Anna Camden (right) | Atomic 2 Salon

You can put your own spin on your haircut, such as shaving one side while leaving the other side long. If cutting your hair is not a step you’re ready to make, fringe your bangs or try the side swept bang. Even if you want to keep your inner wild child hidden, shaving the nape of your neck is still an option by keeping your overall length. The great thing about trying this option is that it will never let your 9 to 5 co-workers know that you moonlight as a rock goddess.

Photography by: IVISTOFOTO
Styling: Joey Humphrey | Atomic 2 Salon

Summer is a favorite season for most of us but it can be harsh on your hair because of many elements like the sun, salt water and especially chlorine. While most of us like to go on a mental vacation all Summer, in order to maintain healthy ends, you should take a moment at least every 6 to 8 weeks to get a fresh trim.

Photography by: IVISTOFOTO
Styling: William Alexander (trim) & AnDrayah Ponce-Hernandez (GKHair treatment) | Atomic 2 Salon

To keep your ends in good condition between visits to your beauty guru, ask your stylist about good conditioning treatments and take home masque treatments. Atomic 2 Salon suggests “The Best” by GKHair for their clients. This is a great product to combat those Summer elements, because it rejuvenates while straightening and strengthening the hair for up to five months.

Always remember to cash in on your stylist’s plethora of knowledge. They’re most likely continuously gaining the continuing-education of latest techniques, and will have tried multiple brands of products. Book your appointments now with your stylist to start maintaining your healthy ends.

Carolina STYLE Magazine would like to say a special “Thank You” to the team at Atomic 2 Salon-Uptown for lending your talents and creativity to achieve all of these looks featured above.

Thank you to: Joey Humphrey, Shannon Lamm, Brittany Williams, Mick Radakovich, William Alexander, Anna Camden and AnDrayah Ponce-Hernandez.

Atomic 2 Salon – Uptown

5024 Old Wake Forest RdΒ Β Raleigh, NC 27609
(919) 747-9137

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