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Threads/Style Advice:The 5 Dapper Details



Threads/Style Advice:The 5 Dapper Details

When it comes to style many times men want to know, “What can I do to stand out in the crowd”? Almost every guy wants to have something unique or special about the outfit they are wearing. Of course there are many things that you can do to make your style stand out but I want to highlight “5 Dapper Details” of a stylish gentlemen.


Pleated VS Unpleated

1. Non-pleated/Tailored Pant

Going with a pant that has no pleats and has been properly tailored and hemmed (creating an illusion of height) can be slimming for men. Wearing pleated pants creates bulk around the hip area from the extra fabric in the pleats. When the pants are not hemmed properly too much break can make one look short and stumpy. Embrace non-pleated pants it will change your look dramatically!


Suspenders VS Braces

2. Suspenders/Braces

Many times we make the mistake of confusing these two … they are NOT  the  same! Suspenders are what Steve Urkel (Jaleel White) made famous on Family Matters. Braces require tailoring to get the proper fasteners attached to the inside of the waistband of your pants in order to wear them. Take braces out for a spin and see how many compliments you will start to receive.



Pocket Squares

3. Pocket Squares

When you have the perfect pocket square it changes the way your entire look comes together. Remember that the pocket square compliments and coordinates with your tie and outfit. They are not supposed to be a dead match in color or pattern. Proper styling when wearing a pocket square is what takes a look from boring to amazing. If you want to take it up a notch, then pocket “circles” create a very unique shape when worn in the pocket.


Wax Laces

4. Wax Laces

When worn during the appropriate time (formal occasions would not apply) colored wax laces can add a pop of color to shoes that will make you the center of attention. Wax laces add a fun punch of color to your look, and at the same time shows your attention to detail thus tying together your ensemble creating a great look.


Men Wearing Color

5. Color

One thing that all dapper gentlemen have in common is that they are not afraid of color. Many times men can be afraid to do any type of color but we are truly limiting and doing an injustice to our style by avoiding it. The right color can yield a certain confidence and excitement that classic darks just cannot accomplish.

With these “5 Dapper Details” let your creativity start to flow and you will turn heads every time you enter the room!


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Style consultant and fashion journalist, Lawrence B. Spivey is bridging the worlds of high-fashion and southern gentleman charm and style. Lawrence began his career in fashion with the launch of his style consulting business and blog “Sir Byron Laurent Style and Fashion Consulting”. In addition to consulting work, he is also permanent fashion contributor for EmergeNC Magazine, Zoe Life Magazine and penned a column for the May/June issue of The Session Magazine. Also Lawrence has been interviewed by fashion and style magazines such as GLO Magazine, Style 101 Magazine and Carolina Style Magazine. Lawrence has a genuine passion for encouraging men through fashion advice and words of wisdom for living both a stylish and successful life. You can follow Lawrence on Twitter and Instagram at @SirByronLaurent, on FaceBook at and the blog at




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