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Dress to Impress: Fashion Authors Suzanne Libfraind & Shekina Moore


Dress to Impress: Fashion Authors Suzanne Libfraind & Shekina Moore

It may seem odd to hold a book signing event in a fashion boutique, but for fashion and lifestyle authors Suzanne Libfraind and Shekina Moore, it was the perfect place for anxious fans to put their autographed book to work. Customers flipped through pages as they browsed for shoes and handbags, finding must-have items that their closet might be missing. While of us has our own unique STYLE, sometimes you may need a little assistance in finding the right look for the right occasion. Fashion and lifestyle authors Suzanne Libfraind and Shekina Moore are helping women to find the right look to fit each person by providing advice and tips in their new books, Portraits of Lifestyle Dressing: Your Style, Your Closet and Personal Style Overhaul: 199 Tips to Getting Everything You Want and Deserve Authentically.

For these women, fashion isn’t about putting on a decent outfit for the day, but rather it’s an expression of who you are and the life you live. In Portraits of Lifestyle Dressing, Libfraind focuses on making clothes work for the individual. Through personality assessments, as well as an eye for the latest trends, Libfraind guides her readers to items that would better suit them as a person rather than simply what’s “hot” for the season.

“It’s about looking at people’s lifestyle,” said Libfraind, “I want to build a wardrobe around their lifestyle, to find clothes that are appropriate for them and their daily lives, so when they go into their closets in the morning they have exactly what they need…it really alleviates the stress and angst of getting dressed.”

It took the fashion contributor of NBC 17‘s My Carolina Today only six months to write the book, and a year to get it published. In the midst of the excitement, Libfraind called upon friends, family and business associates to demonstrate how her counseling has helped the people around her. According to Libfraind, writing the book was an adventure that will soon lead to another edition.“It was a very easy process for me, and I really enjoyed it, and I have so much more to tell, and so I am getting ready to start a second book in July,” said Libfraind, “I’ve had so many great experiences, and so much knowledge that I want to share with both men and women that I’m going to continue with a second book.”

In Personal Style Overhaul, Moore gives readers a fighting chance at success by giving tips and advice to women in the public eye that need a little help. With her self-named styling brand agency based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Moore says that her goal is to connect these women with their audience through the use of vision brand strategy, and to give female leaders the courage to pursue their passions without fear.

“This is bigger than putting on some clothes,” said Moore, “This is about having a voice, freedom of expression, to really begin to own who you are, and to boldly and courageously walk into your destiny to do exactly what you were called to do…”

One hope that Moore has is that her book will not only help women get dressed to conquer the world, but that it will give them the courage to do so. Though Moore is ambitiously active with her brand agency and even her own publishing company, she recalls a time when she wasn’t strong enough to accomplish her dreams, and how she almost let them slip away.

“As a child, I had secrets, and I let my past keep me from doing things I wanted to do like pursuing my passion,” said Moore, “I allowed a whole lot of influences to have power over me, but when I consciously made the decision to take my power back, and to now have power over dress, it fueled me.”

Though each author has her own motives and drives behind their work, both authors agree that clothes should be about the person, who they are and who they want to be. By giving the rest of the world a few guidelines to follow, Libfraind and Moore have made shopping a little less complicated.

Header image by Mark Seliger for Jones New York.

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