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Pantone in Your Home: Tender Shoots for Spring

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We all enjoyed Chartruese for Fall fashion, so if you fell in love with this vibrant yellow-green hue, enjoy Tender Shoots for Spring!

Invigorating, cheerful and active, the inspiration behind this shade is an emotional experience of an unexpected dreamland; whimsical feminine spirit toys with the idea of punk couture.   Tender Shoots is a great addition to your home decor, it doesn’t take much for a pop of this pigment to transform the feel of your humble abode.

Energetic, yet soothing, this yellow-green tone serves as a perfect ornament for Cherry or Mahogany wood finishings!

Photo Credit: http://hometolife.co.za


Photo Credit: http://designluxuryhome.com


A balance of aquarelle pastels with bold bursts of color, Tender Shoots brings life to any room in your domicile.

Photo Credit: http://viewhometrends.com/

Vases, lamps, candles and even flowers of this tint can add calm, contemporary STYLE.  Look for trinkets in this shade; it’s one effortless way to modernize your home with the current color craze!

Tender Shoots Circle Rings Ovo Table Lamp
Photo Credit: http://image.lampsplus.com


Tender Shoots Chandelier by Stray Dog Designs
Photo Credit: http://indulgy.com

Tender Shoots Blenko Glass Vases
Photo Credit: http://www.blenkoarchive.org

Button Poms
Photo Credit: http://www.wholeblossoms.com



Featured Image: http://inspirationforhome.blogspot.com

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