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A LOOK BACK: Triangle’s 25 Most STYLISH People of 2012


A LOOK BACK: Triangle’s 25 Most STYLISH People of 2012

Join Carolina STYLE Magazine over the next few weeks as we celebrate the elite list of tastemakers in the Triangle who have made a real impact in our community in the areas of fashion, beauty, business, arts, entertainment and philanthropy. 

We are pleased to present you the Honorees of 2012!



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Name: Lee Stalcup

Occupation: Stylist, Fashion and Social Event Producer

STYLISH Quality: With seven years experience in wardrobe styling, Lee is involved in a majority of fashion events held in the Triangle, and is responsible for just about every fashion photography styling that you see in the Raleigh area.




Name: Julie Cook

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Occupation: Blogger for The Daily Julie

STYLISH Quality:  Creator of The Daily Julie, Julie’s website has an annual readership of 300,000!  She shares her favorite topics in fashion and beauty, along with cuisine and life experiences.







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Name: Name:  Tracie Fitch

Occupation: Creator of The Shopping Memo

STYLISH Quality: Tracie has several years experience in Advertising/Publishing, working with local newspapers and magazines.  She launched a community boutique directory called, while also starting a free local online guide and blog- The Shopping Memo.



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Name: Cara Fratto

Occupation: Marketing Director Saks 5th Avenue

STYLISH Quality: Cara is the Marketing Director for Saks 5th Avenue.  She is also the one of the youngest marketing directors nationwide.








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Name: Marquelle Turner

Occupation: Branding manager and consultant at the Jessica Devault Agency

STYLISH Quality: A passion for people, culture, and leadership; Marquelle has experience in professional development training, public relations, brand management, event planning, public speaking, journalism, and fashion consulting.




It’s that time of year again when everyone wants to know “Who are the 25 Most Stylish People of 2013?”  To vote for your favorite mover and shaker NOMINATE HERE!

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Bianca Torres is a native New Yorker with a natural passion for fashion, beauty, celebrity gossip and cuisine. Case Manager turned blogger, shortly after her relocation to Raleigh, NC she began volunteering for local events and found Carolina STYLE Magazine.  Shortly after, she also began writing for Carolina STYLE, working her way up to Contributing Lifestyle Editor. After her promotion, Bianca returned back home to New York and became the magazine's NYC Market Editor.  Currently, she hold the position of Content Manager for Dutchess County Legislator Francena Amparo and writes for as an NY Beauty/ Celebrity Examiner. Editor, blogger, foodie and cosmetic connoisseur, Bianca loves to give the inside scoop on the latest trends. Contact Bianca at: Website: Facebook: Bianca Torres Tumblr.: Fashion Beauty Culture Twitter: @bianca_inc Instagram: @bianca_inc Pinterest: Bianca Torres

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