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Men’s Accessories: It’s Hip to Be Square


Men’s Accessories: It’s Hip to Be Square


Pocket squares were born with humble beginnings. Derived from handkerchiefs, they were originally used for personal hygiene among the wealthier classes. They were initially placed in the pants’ pockets since it was inappropriate to visibly display a used handkerchief.  It was not until the 19th century, when the two-piece suit entered the scene, that men began to place a clean pocket square in their jackets to avoid dirt and debris from their pants’ pockets. Once folding techniques were introduced, the 1920s changed the purpose of the pocket square to be a fashion accessory exclusively.

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Today the pocket square remains an iconic adornment for menswear.  It is a subtle addition that echoes volumes of finesse.  The key lies with color coordinating.  The universal paradigm is to compliment your pocket square with your tie in some way.

The pattern and folding style all comes down to personal taste. But what’s for sure is that the pocket square is a statement piece that can transform your outfit and its message.


The Classic Look

We’ve seen it done hundreds of times. Just a sliver of white peeking up over the breast pocket.  A timeless approach that can’t go wrong.


Color Me Up!

Get into the spirit of the spring and summer seasons with bright and fun shades. Add extra flair by pairing two contrasting handkerchiefs together for a unique stylized look.

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Art of Patterns

If bold and over the top is more your style, then take a hint from Gossip Girl’s very own Chuck Bass.  Coordinating intense patterns has always been one of his finest talents.

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Accessorized Accessories

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There is nothing wrong with decorating your embellishments with more embellishments. To complement, try mixing in some optical wear into your pocket square look.


Another Idea: For the past two seasons, highly stylized lapel pins have been seen more and more on blazers. Try adding these decorative pins to lip of the handkerchief pocket for an eye catching focal point.

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