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The Look: The Top Notch Knot


The Look: The Top Notch Knot

Look like a celebrity with this Top Notch Knot.   The Spring showers come before the flowers; remain flawless through the upcoming damp and humid season.

Fekkai creative director of Fabrice Gili suggests incorporating teasing and braiding to take your topknot from ordinary to extraordinary.


Follow the steps below for this A-lister ‘do:

1. Push hair into a high ponytail, then mist mane with an aerosol hairspray; Gili recommends aerosol spray, it’s dry so you get texture without frizz.

2.  Gently pull the ponytail’s sides to extend the base and have it sit really well in the elastic.  Flatten the pony against the head and divide it into four sections.

3. Wrap one section of hair around the base and secure with bobby pins to hide the elastic.

4. With three sections remaining, take the back portion and start a classic braid.

5. Combine the leftover locks and tease, using the a bristled brush.

6. Clockwise, from top left: hold the teased locks between fingers, twist them toward the base at a side angle.  Fan out the twist, opening it up and over the base, loop its ends under the braid.

7. Pin the end of the twist in place, you’ll have what Gili calls a “seashell” shape.  Wrap and pin the braid and loose ends.

Photo Credit:, Kelly Stuart

Once excess tresses are secured, the seashell shape should get one final tug at the sides.

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Tips by Gili:

  • Tilt your head forward when styling. “This way, you get body where you want it,” he says. “If you stand upright, the volume is going to fall down and you’ll have unwanted puffiness below the base.”
  • Coat the back and sides with a thin layer of leave-in conditioner instead of gel to avoid a topknot that can fall flat.  “It gives similar slickness and hold but it’s more organic; it will nourish the hair all day instead of drying it out.”


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