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CFW Recap – Part 2: Classic Wools Work the Runway // Wednesday

Charleston Fashion Week 2013

CFW Recap – Part 2: Classic Wools Work the Runway // Wednesday

Wednesday night’s designers came with a pretty diverse set of collections. Almost every major trend that’s forecast for fall 2013 was represented in some shape or form. Emerging artists Hyemin Cho, Lulu Long, Clarissa Arocena + Bryan Datinguinoo and Cassidy Elizabeth- MaeBrown each took their personal styles to the next level with their textiles, bold silhouettes and advanced tailoring techniques.

THE FIRST THREE: long, cho & brown

Each collection was highly unique from the others in its overall tone. Lulu Long presented a cute and clashy line of children’s wear. Hyemin Cho’s line was artistic and sophisticated. It was particularly interesting because of its sheer yet richly colored organic patterns. Cassidy Elizabeth- Mae Brown‘s line was sculptural and more interpretive. Her avant garde STYLE was slightly unpolished, yet very promising! [ below photo credit: Leigh Moose of Side Yard Studios ]

From Left: Lulu Long, Hyemin Cho and Cassidy Elizabeth- Mae Brown

THE PRINCIPLE: arocena + datinguinoo

The fourth and final collection to be discussed is that of the noteworthy up-and-coming design duo Clarissa Arocena + Bryan Datinguinoo. The classic fit and woolen work-wear influences seen throughout their line came together beautifully in this stand-alone collection. Clarissa and Bryan worked as a close-knit team while designing their clothing for this competition. Clarissa actually draped and drafted all of the patterns in the entire collection from scratch. Both the patterns and the finished garments are masterly pieces of art and design. The attention to craftsmanship truly made this line a refined and well-considered success.

CSM had the opportunity to sit down with the pair both before and after their showing at Charleston Fashion Week. We’ll be publishing a candid interview that documents the work that really goes into designing a cohesive collection. For more on the process/project these two embarked upon and some behind-the-scenes shots – stay close throughout the week!

photo credit: Leigh Moose of Side Yard Studios

photography credit: Leigh Moose of Side Yard Studios

photo credit: Leigh Moose of Side Yard Studios

Check back over the next week to catch Clarissa + Bryan’s Interview!

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