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Giving in STYLE: Kind Campaign Shines at Kathy Duliakas’ 5th Annual Celebrity Oscar® Suite & Party


Giving in STYLE: Kind Campaign Shines at Kathy Duliakas’ 5th Annual Celebrity Oscar® Suite & Party

Oscar season is that coveted time of year when the city of Los Angeles is alive and abundant with visiting celebrities, and varying film industry professionals. On Thursday, February 21, Taglyan Cultural Complex – renowned for its spectacular interior and delectable cuisine – welcomed 200 of Hollywood’s elite into its private garden oasis and opened their grand ballroom doors, alongside Maleku Jewelry®, to honor the film industry’s Oscar® Nominated actors, former Oscar® winners, wardrobe stylists and industry VIPS.  Just don’t let all of the glitz and glamour fool you – this socially conscience group defines the term “Giving in STYLE”, and they did just that at Kathy Duliakas’ 5th Annual Celebrity Oscar® Suite & Party.


Rowly Dennis (Jane by Design) at Kind Campaign booth Photo Manuel Carrillo

Before entering the gifting suite, celebrity guests recorded PSA’s against bullying for the KIND Campaign. Guests at the event were invited to say a few words of advice or encouragement that will be featured in the KIND KIT, an anti-bullying curriculum that will include the Finding Kind documentary, an assembly DVD, and the KIND Club Curriculum. Scheduled for release in Fall 2013, these programs will become available to schools nationwide as an aid to host their own assemblies on this crucial topic.

KIND Campaign’s goal has been to start vital conversations to educate girls about the importance of viewing other females as allies rather than enemies, mending on-going social conflicts, respecting one another and respecting themselves.

Founders Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson were on hand to film the stars’ messages. “We are thrilled to be the official charity at Kathy Duliakas’ 5th Annual Celebrity Oscar® Suite & Party,” said Pareskian, whose fiancé, two-time Emmy® winning actor Aaron Paul, is a strong supporter of the cause. “It’s so encouraging to see this desire to spread awareness about girl-against-girl `crime’ and to support our efforts to launch KIND KITS this Fall,” continued Thompson.

Kind Campaign’s Molly Thompson and Lauren Parsekian with Joe Mantegna (Criminal Minds) Photo Travis Jourdain

Duliakas was equally passionate about the KIND Campaign. “I am thrilled that my 5th Annual Celebrity Oscar® Suite & Party is benefiting such an amazing and worthwhile cause. The stars who came out today are being gifted such amazing products, that it’s only right that we all give something back. It’s inspiring to see the overwhelming support that I’ve received from the Hollywood community for my event and the KIND Campaign.”


Adrienne Maloof at Kathy Duliakas’ 5th Annual Celebrity Oscar® Suite & Party Photo Raquel Rischard

The stars had plenty of rave reviews about the suite and their own personal thoughts on the important charity being benefited. “Kathy Duliakas always brings it on,” said Adrienne Maloof, of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. “Every year, I’m more amazed at what she can do. This event is fabulous, I’m having a great time.” On the topic of bullying, Maloof responded, “I came out today to support my great friend Kathy Duliakas who produced this amazing event and for the charity. Anti-bullying is a cause that is very near and dear to my heart. I have three young boys and as a mother, you always want to protect your children. Parents play a role in how their children treat one another and it needs to start in the homes. Bullying isn’t just exclusive to children and teenagers. Adults bully each other as well, and it’s equally unacceptable. We all need to do our part to help put an end to bullying immediately.”

Jason George (Grey’s Anatomy) Photo Manuel Carrillo

Grey’s Anatomy’s Jason George revealed. “I tended to be the bully to the bullies in school. I have an overdeveloped sense of justice. Bullying is just wrong.”

“It’s always a treat to be invited to Kathy’s suites because she does just a spectacular job, always,” remarked True Blood’s Carolyn Hennesy. “In school, I was teased mercilessly, the cruelty of children is just staggering. I never really found a decent way to combat it, but I learned as I got older that you can difuse it with humor. And the best thing to do when bullied, I have found, is simply agree with them. It takes absolutely the wind out of their sails. This event is all for the cause, it’s for the kids.”




About KIND Campaign: Based upon the powerful belief in KINDness, the KIND Campaign is an internationally recognized 501(C)(3) non-profit movement, documentary and school assembly program that brings awareness and healing to the negative and lasting effects of girl-against-girl “crime.”  Help support this innovative campaign to help put an end to bullying.

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