Mercedes Benz Fashion Week // LaQuan Smith: Bond Collection

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The Bond collection was a futuristic fantasy world filled with rich furs, PVC and vinyls. This collection was truly the product of inspirations that Smith found on his journeys through Paris, France. Movies [such as James Bond and Boomerang] and one particular vintage book store [where he came across a publication with Bond like characters] sparked the fire for the theme of the line. “There is an element of sophistication, edge, strength and sexiness that these women embody. This season my collection is just a tribute to the women who embrace that.  Strange’e  Grace Jone character in Boomerang was an inspiration,” said Smith.

Carolina STYLE interviewed LaQuan Smith in the height of his excitement during the presentation.

CSM: What are some key components that make up the Bond 2013 collection?

LS: Vinyls to add edginess, I wanted to keep fabrics strong this year while still remaining unique.  I kept classic silhouettes, with materials like rich wools and Mongolian lamb.

CSM: What trends do you foresee for the future of the fashion industry?

LS: Leather, fur, pony hair, and PVC’s.  It’s flirty and selling a lot of sex, everyone wants to feel sexy. It’s about having fun with what you wear.

CSM: Do you have any advice for aspiring fashion designers?

LS: Find your outlet, find your source and stay inspired.  Constantly reeducate yourself with books- old and new.

Photo Credit: Travis Jones

Photo Credit: Travis Jones

Photo Credit: Travis Jones

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