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As we step in to the new year, we welcome new beauty trends. In 2013 emerald eyes will be seen everywhere, from the sidewalks to the runways! Follow our makeup tutorial below to see our favorite ways to incorporate the trend:

The vibrant trio:

- Begin with an olive tone on your eyelids.

- Apply emerald shadow on to the crease.

- Finish with a highlighting color on the brow bone (TIP: keep in mind that gold accentuates green).

Photo Credit: temptalia.com

Smokey Emerald:

Another approach for emerald eyes is to use this shade as the “smokey” component of the infamous smokey eye (as an alternative to the usual black).  It’s a great way to incorporate the color trend for day-to-night wear.

Photo Credit: eyemakeupgallery.com

Emerald Enthusiast:

Brush the jeweled tone shadow on your eyelids, followed by brown on the crease of your peepers, and blend slightly. Nude lips have made a comeback and complement embellished eyes.

Photo Credit: beautyhigh.com

Emerald with envy:

Step out your comfort zone, try emerald liner!

Photo Credit: simplespectate.blogspot.com

Photo Credit: lacalledistrada.blogspot.com

Tips for Emerald Eyes:

- This hue pairs great with earthy tones (brown, gold, beige).

- Avoid pink blushes; use a peach pigment or your favorite bronzer instead.

Photo Credit: studyonstyle.com


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