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Street Style: Sharp Stranger


Street Style: Sharp Stranger

Name: Branton (?)

Occupation: Server at Poole’s Diner (downtown Raleigh)

Branton’s outfit stopped me in my tracks (which is hard to do at Poole’s brunch) – his STYLE is hot! Bright color, bold pattern, and great material mixing. And, the Tom’s never fail to add a little empathy.

I particularly responded to the fact that Branton’s outfit clashed with the aesthetic of the building where he works. Pattern and color clashing are very hip right now!

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I’m a commission garment and soft-goods designer. I create high-end garments for private clients, exclusively. I have an undergraduate degree in Graphic design from Parsons School of Design and Virginia Commonwealth University; and a graduate degree in Industrial Design from NCSU. I compete on a national level in competitive fashion arts. I have a very divergent work history and I look for inspiration absolutely everywhere!

Recent accomplishments: featured designer on Lifetime Television Spring 2012, headlined Charleston Fashion Week 2011.


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