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Men’s Must Haves: Spicebomb by Viktor&Rolf


Men’s Must Haves: Spicebomb by Viktor&Rolf

The Fragrance of the season is bold, spicy, powerful and seductive. Unleash your inner 007 with Spicebomb By Viktor&Rolf.

Spicebomb Holiday Deluxe Gift Set, $100 (

Viktor&Rolf’s second and newest men’s fragrance ‘Spicebomb,’ released January 2012, is the male counterpart to the famous ‘Flowerbomb’ fragrance released in 2005. Viktor&Rolf wanted to give men the fragrance that is ‘Flowerbomb’ to women, keeping in mind that spices are for masculine scents what flower notes are for feminine. ‘Spicebomb’ offers the promise of an explosive personality; powerful, exaggeratedly sensual, decidedly audacious. The bottle, a reworked glass grenade design, reflects the explosiveness of this scent.

Spicebomb Eau De Toilette Spray, $75-95 (




The Scent: A powerful encounter between two accords with detonating tones.  The first are explosive; fusing zesty, fresh notes with cold spices that leave their icy bite. The second, addictive; combining a middle note of incandescent spices with a masculine combination of leather and tobacco, as well as the brute force of vetiver.

Top: Bergamot and Grapefruit

Heart: Pimento – Jamaica Pepper, Elemi, Pepper and Saffron

Base: Vetiver, Leather, Tobacco and Oriental Notes

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