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Dining In: Curtis Stone Shares Cooking Solutions and Dinner Party Tips

Dining In

Dining In: Curtis Stone Shares Cooking Solutions and Dinner Party Tips

Just one day before chatting with Curtis Stone, I stumbled upon Oprah featuring his oil can in the November issue of O Magazine as one of her favorite things in 2012.

Go With The Flow Oil Can 24fl oz

“It’s not everyday you’re featured in O Magazine,” he proudly told the crowd during his live cooking demonstration at Belk on Thursday.

Though he is a Top Chef, author and TV personality, his newest accomplishment is his cooking line Curtis Stone Kitchen Solutions.  The line features an array of chopping boards, prep tools and bakeware designed to save you time in the kitchen. Another aspect that makes this line so unique and funky are the names of the cooking utensils, the “Bump & Grind” mortar and pestle or the “Magnetic Attraction” slotted spoon to name a few.

Photo: Erin L. Hubbs

“To me, cooking should be fun so why not be a little cheeky with it,” Stone chuckles when he’s asked about the names.

His philosophy is to cook as Mother Nature intended—buy local, seasonal and organic ingredients.  So what does he recommend to have in your home now?

“All of the stuff that grows in the ground, root vegetables, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbages,” he says. “Things that grow on vines, such as tomatoes are finished.”

Photo: Erin L. Hubbs

If you are fairly new to the kitchen and are not sure how to tell if food is in season, Stone instructs buying seasonal means buying local. Foods are usually in abundance when they’re in season and they taste better.  You can also download a season buyers guide online.

Planning a dinner party during the holiday season? Stone recommended “everything that you can do ahead of time, do ahead of time.  Get a playlist together, start it before everyone arrives, burn the candles, do a seating plan, let guests take care of their own drinks, get a bottle of this and that, stick it out, put the mixers and a bucket of ice there and as people come in, say ‘get a drink and fix me one too’.  ”

Curtis Stone suggesting Dinner Party recipes from his new book Relaxed Cooking with Curtis Stone
Photo: Erin L. Hubbs

Curtis Stone Kitchen Solutions is available at Belk and on Curtis Stone’s online shop.

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