Love and Relationships: Holiday Gift Guide

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Holiday cheer is in the air, which means shopping season is in full effect! For those of you seeking the ideal gift for that special someone, here are a few tips for all dating stages.


  • Don’t purchase personal hygiene items such as a toothbrush, or a teeth whitening treatment; unless specifically requested (and even then, two words: Stocking Stuffer).
  • Don’t guess when it comes to size.  The phrase ‘size doesn’t matter’ is not applicable here; get it right, not tight.
  • Don’t get too playful.  If it must be opened in private, do not put it under the tree!  Unless it’s a board game, you don’t want that present landing in the wrong hands at a holiday gathering.

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  • Do remember a few favorites; whether it’s a book, music, movie, TV series, preferred scent, or sports team – the fact you remember shows that you pay attention.   
  • Do get adventurous; purchase an activity you can do together. Here are a few versatile experiences to consider: Dance classes, cooking lessons, wine and design art session, kayaking, paddle boarding or simply a weekend getaway.
  • Do give the gift that keeps on giving, such as a magazine subscription, a food & wine basket, or a couples’ massage.

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If it’s your first Christmas together, or the fifth, take the time to put a little extra thought into what you purchase.  Make your gift an expression of discovery; the purchase reflects how much you already know and a desire to learn more together.  

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