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First Ladies of STYLE : Michelle Obama and Ann Romney


First Ladies of STYLE : Michelle Obama and Ann Romney

Photos courtesy of Vogue, AP, MCT,, Getty Images,,, & AFP. 

With the close of the Republican National Convention and the start of the Democratic National Convention right here in Charlotte, the spotlight has been on Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. These two current prominent figures in American political culture also happen to have fashionable wives.  And for us here at Charlotte STYLE, the spotlight is all about the wardrobe of the next First Lady.

In honor of the 2012 presidential campaign, let’s take a look at both Ann Romney’s and Michelle Obama’s personal style.  Too bad there’s not a check box on the ballot for best-dressed.  No matter the vote, the White House will be home to a fashion forward first lady.

Ann Romney – Modern and Sophisticated

We haven’t seen a ton of Mrs. Romney’s personal style since her presence on the campaign trail is relatively new, but so far she seems to be a fan of clean lines, solid and classic colors and crisp accessories.




Michelle Obama  – Classic, Timeless and Retro-chic

There is no doubt that Mrs. Obama has been a trendsetter to women around the country since her husband’s election in 2008. Mrs. Obama has shown she is a fan of cinched waists, a-line skirts, floral prints and cardigans. She reminds me of a modern day Jackie O.

In keeping up with the debates, campaigns, advertisements and events circulating this election year, don’t mind us if we are also keeping a watchful eye on the threads of the next Mrs. President.

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