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Love & Relationships: Make Your Move


Love & Relationships: Make Your Move

The law of attraction is quite basic: ‘like attracts like’ – intentions and attitudes draw people and things of like intention and attitude. However, either way it still requires action, hence the law of motion.  So go ahead, make your move. What do you have to lose? You only get one life…live it with no regrets. Sounds easy right? It’s quite amazing how complicated we make things. Dating can go from fun to frustrating quite easily due to the tendency to overly communicate, analyze and compartmentalize. It’s a game of chess where both participants are waiting for the other to go ahead and make a move. Strategic or careless, when it comes to dating, sometimes it’s just a relief once a move, any move is made. But let’s face it, the rules of engagement have drastically changed and it has left a bit of confusion for both men and women on how best to proceed. So here are a few tips to clarify:

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The Ice Breaker

First move is on you. Don’t hesitate. Just lock eyes, smile and breathe. Ask a natural question that fits whatever environment you are in.   This part is the most crucial: Invest in the moment of now – make the first move: a smile, a laugh, a question, and by all means, your name. This is considered basic, not much is really required. The trick is not letting your fear of rejection keep you from taking this initial step to break the ice and make the first move.


The Information Exchange

Get to know the person behind the pretense. The initial impression is just that – an immediate perception, a brief snapshot. In the first few minutes of any conversation, you have the opportunity to gather data and figure out if this person is worth more of your time. Little insights, such as personal manners, communication style, active listening and body language will get you moving forward.  This portion tends to be the most difficult. Communication is the foundation to a lasting and healthy relationship. Finding relative topics, discussing interests, learning what is important to one another, then meshing it all together to understand the person before you can be a difficult task. Every integral piece -tone, expression, reaction, and level of detail- guide your clarity and inspire your next move.

The Date

Focused attention is the opportunity to break down the walls most of us hide behind in the early stages.  This is where fun and learning become collaborative.  Choose a place or activity that is relaxing and enjoyable, maybe even new and adventurous. When selecting venues and activities, revisit the data you compiled during the information exchange. By taking the time to invest in the details of planning for a date, you showcase your ability to actively listen to what passions, hobbies or interests were discussed. Finally, recognize, appreciate and respect the time being invested.  Time is our most precious resource, as it cannot be replaced. It is imperative to leave the baggage of yesterday behind you. Let down your guard.  Speak freely. Share what you love. Be honest. And remember… every date is a learning experience.

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The Kiss

A kiss is an exhilarating step forward.  Intense awareness of curiosity, desire and intrigue come to a full combustion point. This is when you feel the yearn to pull in a little closer, your body is tingling with sensation and excitement- you’ll recognize this response as it washes over you from head to toe. Now is not the time to be shy. Go for it. Lean in and take without asking. The kiss is what breaks the seal for restricted emotion, releasing your intentions while actively taking a part in them. If you like the journey so far, continue to be authentic, transparent and present. The key is to keep moving forward with an open mind, willing heart and patient spirit. The bottom line is this: Life is moving at a fast pace. If you are consciously aware of what you want and consistently pursue it, you will not only find love, you will create it…after all, it’s your move.

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