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The Give a Damn Campaign- Celebrity T-Shirt Collection Debuted


The Give a Damn Campaign- Celebrity T-Shirt Collection Debuted

As of June 15th, the Give a Damn Campaign, a project of the True Colors Fund (Co-founder, Music Artist and Advocate Cyndi Lauper), announced new additions to their Celebrity T-Shirt Project.  The first Give a Damn Campaign t-shirt was designed by Cyndi herself and presented by Van Gogh Vodka on December 4th,  at New York’s Beacon Theatre.  100% percent of the proceeds went to the Give A Damn Campaign; a project organized in order to spread awareness for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality .

The first of the t-shirt collection; Cyndi Lauper with Norman Bonchick, Chairman and CEO of Van Gogh Imports.

Added to the collection this summer, four brand new t-shirts have been designed by the following celebrities:

Below: Emmy Award-winning actress Jane Lynch’s celebrity t-shirt.

Below: Tony Award-winning artist Alan Cumming’s t-shirt.

Below: Celebrity t-shirt by Tony Award-winning artist Idina Menzel

Below: Comedian Chelsea Handler’s celebrity t-shirt:

It’s always inspirational when celebrities unite to commemorate a cause.  Remember, not only is style contagious, but so is awareness.

The Give a Damn Campaign Celebrity T-shirts can be purchased for $35 each.  Please visit to purchase.

Photo Credit: Van Gogh Vodka

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