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WHAT TO WEAR: Fall Couture Struts Its Stuff on the Streets of Paris

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WHAT TO WEAR: Fall Couture Struts Its Stuff on the Streets of Paris

This week Paris held its annual Haute Couture Week; a week long collection of shows that feature some of the most glamorous designers like Elie Saab, Givenchy, and Jean Paul Gaultier. Unlike years past, this year’s HCW dropped the elitist attitude and invited its guests into a more intimate atmosphere. Luckily, the fantasy of couture was still very much prevalent in the theatrical decor and the proximate layout of the runway.

Haute Couture pieces are designed and created from scratch at the customer’s request. They are custom-fit, usually exclusive and made of luxurious fabrics with elaborate detailing. Style Gurus estimate that only a couple thousand customers worldwide shop the sophisticated and exclusive collections. It’s no secret that true Haute Couture customers are few and far between.

Stylish show-goers were snapped sporting some of this summer’s hottest trends including peplum, patterns, tangerine, and dramatic accessories. These chic Parisian fashion lovers tipped us off to this fall’s trends and we look forward to passing them on to you!

Above, top left: Elena Perminova sports a Giambatissta Valli pant suit. The tangerine suit is playfully paired with white Céline wedges. ‘Tango’ tangerine was voted Pantone’s color of the year. It’s bold and it’s bright, but don’t hesitate to spice up your wardrobe with a taste of tangerine.  This is a great color to color-block with; it looks great with other brights, but, also looks fresh with white or classy with black. Note that the jacket incorporates a metallic pocket detail; yet another emerging trend.

Above, top right: Miroslava Duma (editor of noted fashion blog ‘Buro 24/7’) wore this amazing headpiece to Chanel’s HCW show.  Accompanied with black skinny jeans, strappy heels, and a grey jacket, this headpiece was daring and yet not over the top. Bold accessories tend to work best when contrasted against a cleaner and simpler outfit.

Above, bottom right: Elena Perminova wears a floral peplum bodice with a fitted pencil skirt to create a beautiful feminine silhouette. The peplum is a ruffle or short overlay that is attached to a blouse, jacket, skirt, or dress. Short jackets with a peplum waist can minimize your waist line and create an instant hour glass figure. Peplum skirts and dresses can bring attention to the hip area for those trying to create the illusion of a more curvaceous figure.

Above, bottom left: Whether it’s tribal, floral, stripes, or polka dots, patterns are an essential part of the summer wardrobe. This season, perfect pairing doesn’t necessarily mean coordinating patterns with solids. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your pattern matching.

Below: Make sure your patterns are bright and consider adding neon accessories. This look can be a fun and experimental for younger ladies looking to express their individuality.

Miss-matched bright patterns with neon accessories.

Summer in the city of lights is not what we are accustomed to here in the Carolinas. Cooler and less humid, fall trends begin to emerge pretty early on; and this past HCW  was no exception. The chilly weather forced the fashion fan-fare to dress warmly.

Above, left: This black suede tunic, with fringe detailing, foreshadows couple fall trends: texture and leather. Paired over a pair of black jeans, this shirt-dress demonstrates the emerging trend of dress-shirts being worn slacks that we’re seeing on the Resort 2013 catwalks.

Above, right: Denim will be a wardrobe staple this Fall. Also making a come-back is leopard print. Be it leopard print shoes, jackets, or pants; don’t hesitate to take a walk on the wild-side!

The “show” on the streets of the capital city was as creative and inspiring as the pieces on the runways. From summer trends to fall forecasting, the street styles were a treat for any fashion lover. If you haven’t checked out the shows, we recommend that you do. My personal favorites? Donatella Versace (Atelier,) and the highly anticipated collection by Raf Simons (the Belgian designer who recently replaced John Galliano as head creative director at Christian Dior.)

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