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My Stylish Place : At Home with The Allgaiers

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My Stylish Place : At Home with The Allgaiers

This story was featured in the Spring / Summer Issue of Carolina STYLE Magazine. To read the entire issue, click here.  

Written by: Cindy Urbanik, Photos: Jamar Caldwell

Justin Allgaier, Driver #31 in NASCAR’s Nationwide series, and his wife and manager Ashley feel inspired and at peace in their rare moments of downtime.  The Allgaiers are young, fast paced, and on the go, but they wanted their house to be a place where they could relax and unwind in the busy travel season.



The couple turned to Cindy Urbanik of Cindy Urbanik interiors a few days after closing on their new home. They had a clean slate, bringing very little from their previous apartment and wanted to make a fresh start.  One piece in particular was a large piece of art from one of their travels.  This piece would serve as the focal point of the living room and created the language of the room as a whole.  Although beautiful, the art is oversized, cold, shiny, and hard.  Everything we brought into the room would need to counterbalance and at the same time compliment the art piece so the room would not feel cold and hard overall.  The first thing Urbanik selected was the rug, which is one of the softest rugs I have ever felt (the family Chihuahuas agree).  This rug instantly changed the space to a more inviting, warm, soft place.  The coffee table and the end tables have a rustic worn wood which has a warm quality to it and nicely compliments the metal in the artwork.  The curtains are a beautiful, smoky blue velvet and they also help bring softness to the room.  Velvet can sometimes feel heavy, but the volume of the space lends itself well to this material.

The design intent with the master bedroom was peace and comfort, a place to unwind from hectic traveling and the stresses of a career in racing.  The bed resembles a modern oversized version of a wingback chair.  The fabric is tufted velvet and very soft.  In an effort to balance masculinity and femininity in the bedroom, anodized metal nightstands were a perfect fit against the headboard.  While tufted velvet and metal are an unexpected pairing, they provide a perfect juxtaposition to one another that keeps the room from feeling too hard or too soft.  The prints above the bed are all beach scenes found on and they add to the serene, peaceful feeling of the room.

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