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The PopUp Dinner Comes to Charleston Oct 4

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The PopUp Dinner Comes to Charleston Oct 4

A very popular pop-up dinner theme is making its way to the Carolinas on October 4, 2014.

Imagine a night where thousands in Charleston, come together, dressed in white with fabulous food and delicious wine, to decorate tables and dance the night away in celebration of the unusual, the unexpected, and the unforgettable.

Hand Made Events, the company bringing city – inspired PopUp dinners to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Brooklyn and Miami, is set to bring an unforgettable evening to a secret Charleston location.  Hand Made Events’ lead coordinator and co-ower Cayleigh Hopkins is an alumni of the University of South Carolina and insisted on hosting an event in Charleston.

When I first received the opportunity to work with Hand Made Events in San Francisco, California, I dreamed about bringing this unique event to the South,” said Hopkins. “As a University of South Carolina grad, I knew that this event would be a perfect fit for Charleston’s southern hospitality and charm.”


The PopUp Dinner Charleston is an elegant, flash-style dinner picnic that will be held in a secret location in a twenty mile radius of downtown Charleston – only given to ticket holders who will be will be notified three hours before the event begin at 5pm. Talk about living on the edge (take deep breathes Type A personalities)! Dinner will be served promptly at 7pm.

03The night will gather thousands dressed elegantly in white as they decorate, design lavish table decor, and bring their own inspired cuisines with their favorite beverages of choice to enjoy an unforgettable summer evening with friends in Charleston. There will be an array of wandering musicians during dinner to be followed by a DJ and dancing.

More than 4,000 guests attended the west coast events, eager to socialize and meet new people at this one-of-a-kind gathering.

Pre-sale tickets are $30.00 and will be made available at 9am on Tuesday July 8th for the first 500 purchases.  After the first 500, tickets will increase to $40.00. Ticket sale ends October 3rd.

Founded in 2011 in San Francisco, Garrett Sathre and Nicole Benjamin, partners at Hand Made Events, are continually inspired and thrilled to create new events that bring people together to celebrate the simple things that connect us all; wonderful food, great wine, and dining with those we love.

Nothing could be finer than dinner and dancing in the Carolinas.

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